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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are switching it up from our weekly blog posts and doing the final reflective post for the World War 2 podcast project. This, like the greatest Canadian was a project based around making a podcast episode. The difference between the greatest Canadian and this project is that this project was solely focused on WW2 and not podcasting techniques. This project, like all PLP projects had a driving question, so let me my answer to it.

“How can we use stories to understand the cause and consequences of World War Two.” This was the driving question for this project and as you can see it is very vague. Cause can go back to World War 1 and consequences can go all the way to today. This project was mainly focused on someone who got caught up in the war either as a civilian or a soldier. This criteria generated many different and amazing stories from all different perspectives of the war. I knew that my great grandfather served in World War Two and I knew that he had a crazy story about his time serving. I was 100% positive that this story would be perfect as his craziest story came from when he was skiing in the continuation war (a war over territory between Finland and the Soviet Union). My final answer to this question changed multiple times over the project until I came up with this.

“I think my great grandfathers story shows that war is not just facts on a website. Wars are fought with humans and all of them have stories. These stories humanize war, make it seem deeper than numbers and shows it’s effects on individual humans. I think that these ideas were represented in my great grandfathers story, showing how horrible and personal war can be.”

When you listen to my podcast episode the answer will all make sense.

As you know all PLP projects have at least two competencies. These competencies are used to help us complete assignments and to grade assignments. The competencies for this project were. “Social Studies 10 Social Studies + English 10
Analyze Cause and Consequence: Who or what influenced events to Using Evidence and Resources: Have I found diverse sources and evaluated them occur and what were the consequences of those events? for their relevance, accuracy, and reliability?
Maker 10
Global Collaborator: How might I use technology to connect to the world?”

One assignment that I think I used a competency well was milestone one. In this milestone I read and used multiple sources to understand nationalism and some of the causes and consequences it had through recent history. I also used technologies efficiently to complete my work properly and on time. I accessed sources to cite work properly and to assess them for reliability. I completed this with this website

One assignment that I think I should have used the competencies more was milestone three. This milestone took me way more time then it should have because of multiple revisions that could have been done easier and faster if I had used the competencies better and looked at the rubric more. This time I think I didn’t use tech efficiently or effectively to complete the assigned task. I had to work my way through multiple revisions to get my work up to my contracted level.

my podcast planner

This project was full of interesting and fun experiences from listening to a museum curator to watching a video of people storming the beaches of Normandy. I personally did some of my best and some of my not so good work. Overall I had a very stressfully good experience making this episode. I hope you enjoy listening to my final project.


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