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Hello! I am very excited for this post. I am going to be reflecting on our last Humanities project, This Changes Everything: Middle Ages *insert trumpet sounds here*! Just warning you, this is going to be a long post, so grab some popcorn, or your snack of choice, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

So, this project is was on the Middle Ages. We learned about a lot, from the Black Death, to the Feudal System. Our final project was a Keynote made with a partner that illustrated Continuity and Change from the Middle Ages to now. In this post, you will learn about the five Milestones that we completed, our final Keynote, the process of the Keynote, the curricular competencies that we used, and just a couple other fun things along the way!

Let’s start with a brief overview of the five Milstones!

For Milestone 1, we made a literary plan. Along with making our Keynotes, we also read a book, The Book of the Lion by Michael Cadum. We had to answer some questions about stuff like our personal reading style, and what we were going to do to keep up our reading habits.

Literacy Plan


This Milestone was probably one of my favourites. We had to write a letter, as if we were a person on a certain position on the feudal system. Yes, it is a little bit confusing. Basically, the feudal system was the structure of the Middle Ages. It was a class system, with the King and the Pope at the top, and the Peasants at the bottom.

We each got a role. I got picked as King Richard! It was fun to have this role, but also challenging, because there wasn’t a lot of information about him, and I decided to make myself Queen Richard instead. You can read my letter down below!

Character Letter


For Milestone 3, we did Book Chats! We worked in groups of 6. There were three roles; Summarizer, Connector, and Artist. The roles are self explanatory. My group was me, Raymond, Logan, Erin, Sophia, and Keenan. I had fun with each of the roles, but my favourite was Artist.


In this Milestone, we did research. That was basically it. It was fun though! We had to have 5 examples of Continuity and Change. My partner, Keenan, and I, had fun with this one. You can see the examples in the research document that I have included!

Continuity and Change Research


For Milestone 5, we presented! This was where we made our Keynote, and presented it to the class. I have put in our Keynote, and a video of us presenting!

We also had Milestone 6, and that is this Reflective Blog Post!

Final Keynote!


So, the next part of this post is talking about the curricular competencies. In this project we had two competencies. The first one was Comprehend. We asked ourselves the question: What literacy skills did I use to read, listen, and view texts that we studied for understanding? I think that I used many skills. The one that automatically comes to mind is our Book Chats. When we had to make art, or summarize, or connect, we were looking back at the text and analyzing it. I think that helped my understanding a lot. Another thing is the tools in the Books app that I used. This book had a lot of weird words, so I could use the ‘Look Up’ tool.

I could also use the ‘Highlight’ tool. I used this tool in two ways. The first one was if there was a word or sentence that is super important, I could highlight it.

The other way that I use this tool is if I stopped reading in the middle of a chapter, instead of the end, then I highlight the word I ended on.

Those were the ways that I understood the text better. It was very confusing text, but those things helped me through it.

The next curricular competency is Identifying Continuity and Change. We asked ourselves the question: How are lives and conditions alike over time, and how have they changed? I really got to explore this question with this project. You can find more information about it in my Keynote, but I will explain it briefly. I really learned more about this question with the Women’s Rights slides. You can really see the changes, but there is always room to improve. It was also interesting to see the continuity in education, which is something that has been happening for so long.

Thank you very much more reading this post! See you in the next one!

ps: there is just one more video for you to watch-WARNING! THERE ARE FLASHING LIGHTS IN THIS VIDEO, SO VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!

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