April 2


Aaaaaaand the Student Blogging Challenge has come to an end.

I feel this has been a cool way to connect with my buddy up in Oregon who plays college baseball, Gabe Skoro!

My favourite post was definitely the music post. I got to write about one of my favourite artists, Plus Crier, but there’s an epic plot twist,, Plus Crier isn’t real! If you wanna read more about that go to the blog post!


I thought the blogging challenge was really fun because I really got to write what I feel, even if we were given a topic, we would write our opinion on it. And as I mentioned before, it gave me a chance to connect with my buddy Gabe! I also discovered that people in Jordan, Argentina, Australia, and Brazil are looking at my blog!

I also liked the blogging challenge because I learned how to do a lot of new things with my blog.  My favourite thing I learned was how to put a globe tracker on my blog so I can see who is viewing my blog!

Well, that’s about it for now, hope you enjoyed reading! Bye 👋

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