April 23

European settlement

In class we finished our project on European settlement. The driving question for this project was “what did European settlement mean to everyone involved?”. We came to the conclusion that European settlement resulted in the Europeans and First Nations trading goods and services. The goods they trade have changed over time, but the economic relationship has remained similar! Our task was to create an info graphic about the 3 groups we learned about, the French, the British, and the First Nations.

Milestone 1:
In milestone 1, we wrote a paragraph about the continuity and change of Deep Cove in last 100 years. The fun thing about this was that is we got to go outside and sit in the forest to write it!

Milestone 2:
For milestone 2, we had to think of 3 changes, and 3 continuity’s from the time of settlement

Milestone 3:
For milestone 3 we had to come up with our facts for our info graphic. We needed a fact for each group during the time of settlement. We also had to create a drawing for each group.

Milestone 4:
Milestone 4 was our final info graphic. After many revisions due to the drawings not matching the aesthetics, grammar, punctuation, etc., we finally finished our info graphic. We also had to make a YouTube video explaining our info graphic.

Milestone 5:
For this milestone, we put up our info graphic. Kwosen and I put our info graphic up at Seycove’s front door.

This project helped us navigate through different apps such as keynote and Canva easier and grew our understanding on European settlement!

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