The end of Destination Imagination?!

Hey dear reader I’m back with another Destination Imagination or DI post. If you haven’t seen my first post about DI then you can click here to go read it. If you don’t want waste your time reading that post and want to find out what Destination Imagination is click right here for more.

Hopefully you read my first DI post if not you can read it here (this is your last chance). Now you have definitely read my first post so you know something about DI.

My group of Ben, Anika, Gabby and me were put into the challenge maze craze. For our challenge we had to…..

Because you have read my regionals post you will know what our solutions were to each challenge, but let’s recap anyways.

Our device or maze traveler was a toy loader that we modified to make it work in our performance. For our prop transformation we customized the shovel so that it could hold liquid yeast. Then we had a container with other liquid in it that the maze traveler was supposed to pour the yeast into but as you will see in the video later on in this post it turn out to be very…. challenging. For the object removal we decided to tape popsicle sticks to the back of our maze traveler then stick a magnet on it to remove a key from the maze.

I thought our story was very well written given that we are only kids. Click Here to read the script.

Now for our team choice elements. Our first element was our costumes as you will see in the video further into this post we all had homemade costumes which were pretty good if I do say so myself. Our second team choice element was the makeup for the monster in our story which was played by me. We made a video of Anika, Ben, and Gabby applying the makeup to add to our performance.

How we improved from regionals!

As you all probably know I am in the PLP program. In PLP we strive to improve our work as much as possible so DI was a great opportunity for us to practice this. We improved our maze travelers shovel, re-wrote some of the story, and made a backdrop to project our video on.

The worst part of DI!

The worst thing that happened the entire time we did DI was that Gabby couldn’t make provincials because she was at a cadet thing(you should click on her name visit her post because she explained it in much more detail)but because Gabby couldn’t make it Ben had to take over her role. Now this is bad because our script is written for four people no more and definitely no less. So now we had a problem because we didn’t know she couldn’t make it till a week before the performance and we didn’t have time to re-write the script.

Our solution💡

Ben was originally the driver for the maze traveler but he change roles to become the main character Demos.

Anika role stayed the same as the narrator but she had to do a bit of the driving.

My role changed quite a bit, I was just the monster in our first performance but now I also had the task of driving the maze traveler.

Why we do DI?

After reading two post about it your probably wondering why do they do DI? The answer, acording to this study with you can find right here. Kids that get involved in DI are much more creative and are able to problem solve much better compare to kids that don’t do DI. Which to sum it all up is what we do a lot in PLP.

Thank you dear reader for reading yet another post by me and I’ll see you in the next one 👋.

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