Wow. It’s the end of the Student Blogging Challenge. These 8 weeks seem to have sped by, so fast that I’ve been having trouble keeping up with them! This post is about my experience participating in the challenge and what I have learned about it.

This challenge has been super fun, and in my opinion I’ve really grown as a blogger these past weeks. If you compare my first post at the beginning to this one now, I think you’ll see a dramatic difference. Here’s a brief review of all of my Student Blogging Challenge posts this year.

Week 1: Let’s Get To Know You
My Post: A Post About My Avatar AND A Page About Evelyn

This post was kind of fun. It was my first blog post ever, so I was just getting used to the whole ‘blogging’ thing. It was a bit short, but for a first post I think it was decent. I am glad that I decided to use Bitmoji for my avatar, because it’s free to use and makes super detailed, fun characters.


Week 2: Connect Through Commenting
My Post: A Post About Comments

This post… honestly I’m kind of embarrassed to even put this one on here. It was so basic compared to my other ones. I probably had a lot of homework, or was just feeling lazy or something, but that post  definitely not up to my standards today.


Week 3:  Fun With Photos
My Post: A Post About Photos

The third post was about photos and the laws around using them. I had vowed to do a better job of writing the blog post this time, and I think I succeeded. I included images, wrote in more detail, and completed more than one task. I feel that I could have proofread it better to avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but overall it was a significant improvement. It was super late though, so that was a problem. Getting posts in on time was definitely something I struggled with during the challenge.

Week 4: Free Choice
My Post: A Post About Barley

This post was pretty good. I had a lot of trouble coming up with a topic, but once I figured that out it was pretty easy! I probably could have included more variety in my drop-downs and laid the post out better, but I think that it had good content and was interesting to read! I’m pretty sure that this post was also late. I’m starting to notice a trend here.


Week 5: Music
My Post: A Post About Music

Late again!
Anyways. This post was one of my best, if I do say so myself. It had videos, pictures, detailed explanations of Broadway plays, and a bit of personal history, too! It also included a question/prompt for commenters, which is part of a good blog post. It was, of course, late, since I was in New York and Connecticut while this week was on.


Week 6: Emojis
My Post: A Post About Emojis

Week six saw a pretty quality post as well, and it had a few different tasks. I am especially proud of the story that I wrote about Jedediah the Elephant; it was kind of random, but fun! I also think that using more images in this post was a good call, because it made the post look more balanced and interesting.
This post was also late.


Week 7: Celebrations and Festivities
My Post: A Post About Holidays

The last post was also pretty cool. I didn’t really know what I wanted to write about; there are so many holidays, and so many topics related to them! I like that I chose my family’s tradition of decorating gingerbread houses. I feel like that specific tradition is kind of unique to my family and brings back lots of happy memories. The post was detailed and had images, which I feel like I could have spaced out better. But on the upside, it wasn’t late!

And, of course, there is this post, which you are reading now.

Ok, I’ll admit that that was not brief, but at least now you know what I think of each of my blog posts (in detail)!

Next, I will list some ideas about what I could possibly blog about in the future. Obviously, most of my blog posts are school-related, but I could add some others if I wanted!

  • Updates on Barley: stupid pet tricks I’ve taught him, milestones in his life, random things I feel like sharing, etc.,
  • Of course, schoolwork and projects, which will be on here always whether I like it or not,
  • Trips I’ve been on,
  • Crafts I’ve made,
  • Different activities I do, such as diving and rowing,
  • My favourite recipes,
  • Books that I’ve read and liked,
  • The possibilities are endless!


Third, I am proud to have received a Student Blogging Challenge Participant certificate! I really enjoyed the challenge and am pleased to have gotten this.


Finally, I would like to thank everyone who commented on my blog these past few weeks. I appreciate hearing from other people and seeing what they thought of my work! Feel free to comment now (hint, hint)!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next year on the Student Blogging Challenge!


Evelyn 👩🏽‍🦱