Hi guys✌️, I’m back! Today I’m going to talk about my recent project on photography! The project was about awesome images and how to make them. First of all we took some photos of a inanimate object, below is a slideshow of some of my favourite photos! I choose my water bottle as my subject (fun fact it actually broke towards the end of the photo shoot).

After the first activity we were told to take a photo walk. We picked a theme, for instance squares, and then we took lots of photos relating to our theme. I choose a very specific theme climbing holds. I really love climbing so I really wanted to take some photos relating to it. Below is a slideshow of my favourite photos from the climbing gym.

After that we tweaked and edited some of our photos, (they didn’t have to be ones we had taken for the activities), so I edited an old photo I had. We were only allowed to edit using the photos app. First I tried different filters, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with them. So then I directly edited the colour, and the light in the photo. I’m not a hundred percent sure I like the edits (the tone is to green) but it was really fun to make, and I love the bright colours.



Finally we made a personified image. We choose one of the photos that we took on the photo walk, or from activity one. I choose a funny circle shaped climbing hold that had a perfect circle in the middle of it, which looked exactly like a mouth! I then added eyes, arms, feet, and some lines to make it look like he was falling. I did this all on apple markup. 

My personified image!

This whole project taught me a lot more about taking photos. It taught me that you should always try taking photos from different angles, experimenting with different lighting, and overall being creative and thinking you’re photos through.

Bye guys, see you soon!✌️