Sup y’all and welcome back. Today we’re talking about correlation and causation, and the project that went around it. This project is all about finding a correlation and hopefully some causation. If you’re wondering what correlation and causation are i’ll give you a little explanation. Correlation is the similarities in a trend between two things. For instance there’s a correlation between the rise of shark attacks and the amount of ice cream purchased and well those things do not cause each other at all, they are related because in hot temperatures more people buy ice cream and more people head to the beach and get attacked by shark. That is an example of correlation but causation is when one of those things actually causes each other and that’s what a Causation is.

For this project we had to find two correlations and prove one of them to be a causation. We created a survey and gave it to the class of PLP nine. We then analyze the data and made graphs showing and proving that correlation and causation. Then made a little presentation and showed it to the class.

The title slide from my presentation.

We have three core competencies that went along side this project. These were the things we were supposed to gain from this project and they were the guidelines for what we needed to learn. The first one was communicating and representing it was to do is showing mathematical ideas in the form of pictures or symbols. I think me and my partner Anthony did a pretty good job at this. We showed our idea of correlation using a graph instead of just using words or numbers to show our idea. We analyzed our graphs using our reasoning skills and found true correlations.

One of the graphs we analyzed

For our second competency we learned more about communicating and representing except at this time we are a focus on language. We were using mathematical vocabulary to explain and interpret our graphs. We used important language to help show our class how our correlations worked and where there was causation. This is the time when we gave an explanation as to what was actually happening in our project and this is where we showed what we learned.

A paragraph where we used some of our vocabulary.

For a last core competency we learn to apply and innovate. In this core competency we showed Our ability to care for our self and others in individual or collaborative approaches. This is where we showed that we were trying to do good and be good in creating our survey and looking at its results. We had to us good ethics and I think me and my partner did a really good job at this. We tried to ask non offensive questions and we tried to remain unbiassed or be able to recognize our bias and do something to try and stop it.

When I started this project I didn’t know very much about correlation or causation in fact when we started I actually have a mind node that shows all the questions I had at the start of this project. I manage to answer all of them and have a good time while doing it. This was a really cool project and I think it I learned a lot of useful things from it. Sometimes people try to trick you using things like false causation but now that I know a bit more about the topic I think I’ll be less easy to fool and be able to think more critically when seeing things like graphs and statistics in the news.

Alrighty guys thanks for tuning in, and if my workload stays the same I’ll see you in about 6 hours…

Vi ses senare!

(See you later Swedish)