Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy during these tough times. Before spring break we did a project on metaphor machines. It wasn’t your typical read in front of the class about your topic and what you learned project. We had the chance to draft and then create our metaphor machines. In my opinion that sounds a lot more appealing and more fun!

To start, we made a mind map that included what we know about metaphor machines and what questions do we have about them. Here is mine:

Now let’s answer my questions, why does rubbing create fiction and what are metaphor machines used for. Friction is created when two materials are being rubbed together, the electrons transfer to one material to the other which causes one of the materials to become positively charged and the other one becomes negatively charged. The metaphor machines that we created were used to turn on a light however, they could be used for multiple other reasons.

After we created our mind maps, my group members and I drafted our metaphor machines. We put all of our draft ideas together and create the finished draft. The following week, we worked on the machine. We started by finding all of the needed materials and then painted the background white so it would be easier to focus on the pieces when filming. Then we glued everything on in the same place as we drafted. Next, it was time to make our circuit. This was one of the most difficult steps. We soldered the bulb to the wire to create a bond. Next, we connected the two cells to the wires with the bulbs and the switch to finish our circuit. The final step was to try our machine out and hope that it worked as planned and the marble landed on the switch. It took us multiple attempts before the marble landed on the switch to turn on the light. Here is the video of our final result:

Now that you know what the project was all about, let’s move on to the competency!

Communicating: Communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems, using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies.

For this competency, I’m going to give myself accomplished. The reason being that I did my best to communicate with my peers and make sure that we all completed our share of the project.

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Thank you!