Metaphor Machines!!!

Hello everyone and today’s post is all about our latest post about Metaphor Machines and electricity. So to open up our project ,we did our project MindNode as per usual and it was about electricity what we knew about it and what are some questions about it. so here is mine and it helped through the the project because you could answer those questions as you go. So then we moved into some electricity labs where we got to play around with some electricity and learn about it with a worksheet.  So as you can see the 3 images at the top are the things I created electricity with the to turn on a light bulb 💡 then at the bottom are some things or the symbols of what everything is called. So next we had to apply some math and we used khan academy for that and we took a test on area and scale drawings. For me it took a while because I didn’t quite understand it at first but after a while I got it done. So know we got building on our machines so what we had to do was make a rube gold berg machine so we had a wood platform and we built it on there with a bunch of spare parts and we built it so at the end of the machine it had to turn on a light. So here is our video it explains our project nicely.

Thanks for reading guys this project me made learn about how electricity moves to places and how it gets to places and also some gravity with our machine.

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