Louis Riel!!

Hello everyone welcome back to another post and today I am going to be talking about our unit in Louis Riel. The project started out by doing a current event on a situation involving a First Nations colony or nation. I chose to do the Oka crisis.I thought it was a really interesting topic and I enjoyed reading about it and learning about it. The next thing we had to do was we got assigned a partner for this project and my partner was Kaia then we had to choose a First Nations topic we decided on the pemmican proclamation. The next thing we had to do was our topic research get to know what you are presenting about. In mean time of that on the side we were learning about Louis riel as well we had to read a book and for each of the 4 parts we had to write a summary. The next thing we did was our images draft so at the end of the project we are going to present by making images showing the pemmican proclamation so we had to make 3 images.  This one could definitely use some use as you couldn’t really see the picture and the words I drew on the bottom were not what I expected them to be so I had to change that. After the feed back we got started on our final images. Here they are  Our final images looked really good in my opinion and our hard work showed. In conclusion this project really helped me learn about what the First Nations went through and it was difficult times back then for them. It also helped me learn about photo editing and how to edit photos so they look good.

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