WW2 project preparation

For this weekly recap we are going to be talking about what I did last week which was mostly preparation for our new project about WW2 by making a need to know list, learning more about nationalism and starting our search for an interviewee.

For our need to know list it was a little different than usual because instead of adding to one big list we would send our individual need to knows into Showbie. Other than that it was the same as usual.

For nationalism we had to read about it and listen to interviews with multiple veterans who served in different wars. After that we had to write a short one paragraph essay about nationalism what it means and how you can relate to it. My essay had lots of issues because I didn’t pay close enough attention to the rubric. Even though it has lots of issues I plan on fixing them all.

Finally for finding an interviewee what I ended up doing was contacting one of my moms friends dad who is a WW2 veteran and was one of the kids who was evacuated from London during the blitz bombings. After contacting him I gave him a briefing on what the project was about and he agreed to do an interview.

Overall this was a very productive week and really helped me get into the vibe of this project.

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