Finding an interviewee

Why hello glad to see your back. So your wondering what this post is about? Ok this post is my sixth weekly recap. The two biggest things I did last week was the story research milestone and the story connections milestone.

For the story research milestone which was milestone 2 we had to research about WW2 but more specifically research that would help us with the story we wanted to tell for our podcast. For me since I was interviewing a man who as a kid during the London blitz was evacuated to Canada so I decided to focus my research on that topic. I did that so I would be more prepared for my interview Instead of just researching random stuff about WW2.

For milestone 3 story connections we had to read a short story about a WW2 veteran named John Ivan Anderson and then fill out this sheet.

The sheet is pretty comprehensive asking you to fill in a three act story structure and connect the story to yourself. Where I feel I could have improved on this one is I didn’t add enough detail for the three act structure and I could have overall just detail for everything.

In conclusion this week was very productive and we did do some other things but I thought I would highlight what I thought were the most important things we did the week. Overall there are ways I could and will improve the milestones from this week.

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