Joining PLP this year was a big change for me I switched from test based learning to iPads and project based learning halfway through my high school career. Instead of doing parent teacher interviews we do Mpols and Tpols which are our “learning story’s”. 

A big focus of my learning this year has been through trial and error and asking for help. Most of the other PLP 10’s have been doing this since grade 8 so I’ve had a lot of catching up to do, but while learning all the new things I’ve found more strengths of mine, but with those strengths also comes weaknesses which I’ve learned to get around through trial and error. Now that a lot of my work is public I’ve had a harder time being confident and proud of what I do which has always been a struggle for me. I am starting to try to be more confident in myself and my work.

As I mentioned earlier PLP is project based so this leads into group projects which are always harder than they seem unless you find a balance within them. So far this year I have gotten the experience to work with new people within different groups and it has really helped me see who I work well with. An example is Maggie, I’ve known Maggie for around 4 years and we are also pretty close friends. You mat think we would work badly together and never get things done but I have to say we work really well together. 


Doing the book trailer project was something I really had fun with. I enjoyed being able to chose a book to read that I actually wanted to read. Creating the video wasn’t too challenging as the others in my group all had similar ideas to what we wanted it to be. Even though we struggled with the planning part I think our end product was pretty amazing. And I did feel pretty proud of it in the end.

Then we had to write a Synthesis essay on it and include the graphic novel we had also read. English has been harder for me because I’ve struggled with writing especially when its something I don’t want to write about. The essay was an in class one and I did it but I wouldn’t say I’m proud of. I don’t think I did enough planing on it and I was really stressed writing it in class. The other essay we did on our crazy people I do feel a lot more confident about it as I was able to spend more time on it. And I went into more detail and depth with it.


My best class has always been math and the class I struggle in a bit is science so having these 2 classes together has been a struggle for me. I had a lot of trouble grasping the concept of Our “Can cousins be twins?” Project. Even though it was explained to me I still was confused but thankfully my partner Emily understood it a bit more than I did. In the end the final product turned out great, but it could’ve been better if I had understood it more.

On the other hand I do feel proud of the Algebra game I made with Melika I did the math and creating the game part. Generally I had a much better understanding of this project, so I was able to create a better final product. We did have a lot of issues we had to fix in the beginning as well, like rewriting some of the rules etc.


The EDU blogging challenge was okay for me in the sense that I learned a few things, but I also didn’t think it was time well spent. I understood the  point of it all, but a lot of the time and effort I spent on it felt wasted. I did have fun being able to chose my own topic for week 7 and write a post on that mainly because it was something that I was genuinely interested and passionate about. But on the other hand the emoji post was just not working for me I could not find any interest or motivation in it or to do so it ended up being pretty bad. Throughout the challenge I do feel like I gained more knowledge on how I learn and how much motivation it takes me with certain tasks. But I wouldn’t say I learners a lot about my own blog and blogging then i could learn by just looking around the WordPress site.


So far PGP has been relatively helpful for me with my time management and goal setting. Ive always been lousy at my time management and I can be a procrastinator but we were introduced to time blocking and at first I though it would suck.Turns out its amazing  and I use it all the time! The goal settting book “What do I really want” was also very informative and helps define why to set goals and how to achieve them. And we also made a dream board just to help us visualize our values and goals.

My dream board represents who I want to be, and what I value

So over the past term and a half I do feel like I’ve improved my learing through trial and error and learned through my mistakes, I’m still working on my confidence when it comes to presenting and sharing my work. My goal for the next term is to be able to fell confident and proud of all my work.

My question for you is: How can I use what Ive learned though my mistakes to help me take more pride with my work?