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Hello and welcome back to another post. So if you have read my latest post you would know that my class is creating political parties. About a week ago we got our groups and started creating our parties. I was put into a group with Zoe, Ben, Izzy, and Natalie. One of our first tasks was to make a list of issues our party wanted to work on if elected. Our second task was to create a press release. In this post I will be explaining 3 things about our party and allow you to look at our press release.

Our press release:

Why should you be interested in our party? That is a great question, which I will answer through asking another question. First question is: what makes our party unique? One of the many unique things about our party is what we hope to implement. Our party hopes to implement a similar electoral system to the one in New Zealand. This way you have 2 votes, one for the candidate in your area, and the second for your choice of which party’s leader becomes prime minister. We want to implement this due to many Canadians wanting a to vote for a candidate in their area however they do not like that party’s leader or if they like the leader of a certain party but not their local candidate. This causes them to be torn and can lead to people not wanting to vote. So why vote for us? The main issues we want to address are: Climate change, Social inequity, Social inequality, and our current electoral system. We think that these are big issues and we want to change canada for the better.

I hope that after reading this post you will become interested in our party. Don’t forget to check out my teammates’ post as well.

Peace ✌️

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