Land Ho (Arrgh Matey Summative Post)

Good day to all of you. You wonderful people. I’m back reflecting on a project about pirates (oh wow) so pirates pirates have been around for a long time dating all the way back to the 1500s and from 1650 -1720 is what most people consider “the golden age of piracy”.  But what might surprise you is that pirates are still active and alive today.  Most pirates are active just off the coast of Somalia on the Horn of Africa   



Yeah so to start this project we watched movie called “Captain Phillips” its about pirates off the coast of Somalia who highjacked the “Maersk Alabama”. It’s a true story. If you want you can learn more about it here:link and here: link. 

So what this project was really about was the “Age of Exploration basically when Europeans discovered North America and South America. So in 1000A.D. Leif Erikson Landed in North America now your thinking who the heck is Leif Erikson (probably not). Leif Erikson was a Viking he landed in what we now call Newfoundland. But then he left. Then much much later Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492 trying to discover a new trade route in India. He thought he found it when he landed the Guanahani (Bahamas) 

So Core competencies now.  

#1 was a social studies one called Analyze cause and consequence.  Something happened and what was the consequence or the outcome. For example when Europeans landed in the Americas(thats the cause) they brought lots of diseases to the natives (thats the consequence).   I showed this skill in Milestone 1 when we made a very simple web of cause and consequence 







# 2 was a maker empowered leaner. How can I use technology responsibly to construct knowledge. Meaning can I be effective and responsible with my device to construct a object or picture or video. I struggled with this because there was drawing and colouring involved with this one. I have trouble with drawing and colouring. This was also part of Milestone 1 as we had to create a video with this software (hint the final project uses this software) AR maker so we messed around with it to make sure we knew how to use It. 

#3 was a English discussing listening and speaking.  So can you use the English language to effectively state your purpose and explain your video 

Now onto the driving question.  So the driving question was “What was the impact of global exploration”.  So to answer that I think the impact of global exploration was mostly positive. I this because well if it weren’t for the Europeans north and south America would not be as technologically advanced and physically advanced as we are today. So yeah thats my answer. 

Anyways the final stepto this project was to make a video using AR maker and in said video talk about European exploration. And the video story had to be told using a cause and consequence format. 




So there’s the video hope you enjoy and don’t forget if you ever find yourself with a pirate look and eye not the eyepatch (carter=blog). 



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