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Salutations and welcome to my Time is Money portfolio post! During the past month or so my Scimatics 9 class has been studying linear equations. To do so in a PLP fashion, we accompanied our basic math practice with the challenge of integrating our knowledge into finance. The basic blanket explanation if you will, we were tasked with providing a product or service of our choice in order to calculate our expenses, time, and profits in a simple spreadsheet. Furthermore, we took said spreadsheet and converted it into a linear equation with which we created our final graph. As for presentation, we each created a short video explaining the process and competencies.

Understanding & Solving:

The first competency being assessed is all about proving our ability to “apply multiple strategies to solve problems in both abstract and contextualized situations.” In creating my spreadsheet I believe a did well with this competency. The time, expenses, and startup costs per each session are all accounted for and were used to calculate my equation later on.

My Equation

Communicating & Representing:

Our second competency requires students to “represent our mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms.” Although I came through in having my linear equation to determine my profit per service I didn’t come up with a prediction for my NET earnings over the span of a year. I fell a little behind with this competency but I feel that I have improved in representing my graphs and equations since projects in the past.

Connecting & Reflecting:

The third and final competency of Time is Money asks students to “connect mathematical concepts to one another and to other areas of personal interest.” The entire premise of this project is to make and predict a profit of a job or service of your choosing so in doing so I chose something that I typically enjoy. While gardening isn’t something I could make a living off of, nor is it all that similar to my future aspirations, it was what I felt to be a good example and choice for this project. I also chose it to ensure that I wasn’t doing something that I utterly dreaded.

suju / Pixabay

All in all this project did it’s job in helping me learn linear equations. Below is my final video that explains my service and my linear equation. You’ll probably find that not every flower and plant has bloomed as that tends to take a while!

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!

– Ciara

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