All about… MUSIC!!!

Music is a beautiful thing. It can make you laugh or cry, sing along or cover your ears. I think that in EVERY single persons life, there is at least a bit of music. I enjoy music. I sing along in the car, I try to right songs, and my favorite, I play the flute. I play in band at my school 2 times a week and I practice a few times (wink wink)( I don’t practice that much).


jeongsunyun / Pixabay

The flute is my favorite instrument ( I have played piano, viola and now flute). The closest version to a modern day flute was made by Theobald Boehm, who lived from 1794-1881. The flute is classified in the woodwind group although it does not have a reed. Instead, sound is made by air (that you blow) passing over the mouthpiece.


I play the flute a lot so I will add a video of me playing the “hanging tree” from the Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books!


For the last part of this post I’m going to include one of my playlists. This one is full of sad songs that really make me thankful for some reason. They remind me that there are lots of people who love me and that there are lots of people who are really happy with what they do. These artists are proud of their music and they want to share it with the world. These are the songs that have come on when there is something important or really, REALLY happy going on.

Well bye for now! I hope you can listen to some of these songs and see why I like them!


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