Learning At Loon Lake!

PLP 8 and PLP 9 had the chance to go on our very first learning extent (or advance) that was over night for multiple days! It took place at Loon Lake Lodge, check the website out to learn more about it! Luckily the ride was only around an hour since it was located in maple ridge. During the advance we learned more about each other and strengthened the PLP community and worked on our teamwork. 

During the advance we created a E-book with photos, reflections and more!

Check my E-Book down below

Well at loon lake we took a photo walk at the start to get familiar with our surroundings, but people also took photos at their own leisure and to put it into the e-books. Here are some of the photos I took and some that my friends sent to me!Most of them are of me and my friends. 

I enjoyed this trip and I had no problem getting used to the beds and what not. One thing that through me off was sleeping. I got no sleep because of people waking me up, but otherwise it was a fun experience. My favourite thing was probably the battle archery, expect the masks we had to wear in case we got hit in it face smelt nasty. 

Throughout the learning advance I grew in different ways, having to learn in different environments tied in to me wanting to grow in not getting distracted. During this trip we (students) where expected to take pictures and document what was happening during the trip. When we had the break time it was hard for me to pull myself to get work done for the e-book. Slowly I got better at documenting media and writing short snippets of reflections for the book. 

One of the competencies I wanted to work on was communication, loon lake has definitely helped me improve with that. When I joined PLP I slowly made new friends, even though we were friends I didn’t know how to communicate with them that well. When we where at loon lake I learned more about my peers and got to see what they could do. Some of activities we did, like laser tag and battle archery, involved communicating with people in sometimes non- verbal ways (also playing silent ball). During archery my team and I thought of what we could do to help us win (we lost every time) even though it didn’t do anything to help us, it strengthened our skills in working in a team, and also laser tag. 

Something that could help me enjoy future field studies more is having a better sleep schedule. I would try to go to sleep but after the first 5 minutes I would give up because people would wake me up or someone would watch Tik Tok without headphones. I think I could have done a better job of trying to actually fall asleep instead of giving up and looking at my iPad. I should probably wear/bring earplugs next time… 

As you know (or I would hope so by the end of this post) we had to create an E-book about the trip, we had to do one for each day but sometimes I would miss something important, like taking a photo of the meal. Next time if we have a project like that to do throughout the trip I could read through what to do for each day clearly so I know what to do. Personally I think I held up quite well and enjoyed loon lake to the best I could.

I look forward to future trips, meeting and learning more about people and growing as a learner. But the next time I go on one I hope I dont get sick right after…  

Thank you for reading my blog, bye!

Getting Down With DI…


A Quick Insight About What Destination Imagination Is:

Before I get into this post, what is DI? (DI is the short term form for Destination Imagination.) DI is a global competition that aims to inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators and creative problem solvers. 

In DI you get assigned a challenge to solve in a group, but there are many different types of categories for you to be in. This year the challenge categories are: Up Close (scientific), Daring Escape (technical), Tricky Tales (Fine Art), and Festival Frenzy (Improvisational). 

My Team

I got put into Festival Frenzy, and it is all about Improv, but originally I was in Tricky Tales (that group got split up). My team members are Cameron B, Ronan, Magnus, Caitlin and Hannah. Believe it or not I’m pretty sure one of the hardest things my group has done was think up a name for our group. We went through many like, The Lucky Charms, then The Unlucky Charms, a name involving piranhas, then we decided fishes instead of piranhas, and more. All of these names didn’t work out, we finally ended up with…

The Indecisive Improve Troupe {made by Hannah}

Since I joined halfway through I don’t have the insight on what happened when they brainstormed ideas, but I’ll explain what everyone started with. First off, we signed a team contract, and so did our parents and teachers. One of the reasons our parents signed it is because they can’t interfere with what is going on with the teams, because if they do then your team could get disqualified. After signing the contract we went on to writing ideas, and my ideas are not in here since I wasn’t in this group at the time. Here are the following ones that my group made:

About My Challenge

Again, I’m in improv and the reason it’s called Festival Frenzy is because when you end up presenting at the competition it will be about a certain festival (you don’t know what it is until 2 minutes before).  My team had to research 8 festivals that we might possibly perform, then we split them up equally and researched them (this was when I transferred over).

For the central challenge we have a 2 minutes time period to prepare for the festival we randomly chose. Then we need to complete 2 acts in the time frame of 5 minutes, with a 30 second interval to prepare between the two acts.

In the skit there must be a goal, this goal should probably make sense with the festival that has been chosen. In act one it has to show why at least one character decides to to try and achieve the goal at the festival.

After act 1 is performed you get a fork in the road, which is basically a plot twist in the story, and you have 30 seconds to prepare for act 2. When the timekeeper announces the fork in the road you get to chose between 2 options.

The final required element is using boxes to create a set and when creating the set you can only use 10 boxes. The box set it to make act 1 and/or 2 more enhanced and your team can use as many of the boxes as they want. Anything that is removed from the boxes is not allowed to be used and you can assemble the boxes with tape, glue and/or staples.

My Growth Opportunities

DI will definitely help my presenting skills, and since we have to present in front of judges I am nervous about that. When I was transferred to improve I was a bit confused, since I didn’t know what to feel. I’m good at thinking on my feet yet not under pressure. Also, this will help me realize that if I want to do well and help my team I should step up and use my voice.

My Accomplishments

As you already know I had to switch teams since my group wasn’t working out. I had to learn a completely new challenge and it was hard to catch up. I’m proud of myself for keeping myself organized during the switch over and keeping up with my work for DI.

mPOL 2022

Welcome to my blog post about my mid-year presentation of learning, also known as mPOL.

Learning Intent

Let’s start with my learning intent from the start of the year:


So far, I think I’m becoming better at sharing my voice and opinions. For example, in Scimatics when we were creating a laser display, I thought a good idea for the theme of our display would be the sky and it worked out well! However, I still need to get better at asking clarifying questions since sometimes my questions are too open-ended. Once I asked what to do for a blog post and I got a whole bunch of information I already knew, since my question was very broad.

Core Competencies

These are the core competency profiles that I filled out: 

The core competency I have made the most growth in:

Positive Personal and Cultural Identity

The area that I think I’ve made the most progress in, is personal and cultural identity. The reason for this is because of all the worldview projects we’ve been doing. For example, what helped me learn more about myself was having to write many poems about me. When I brainstormed for the self-portrait poem I had to do a little bit of digging within myself and it made me question my interests and my strengths. This helped me notice some of the things I like. Also, when I was writing my personification worldview poem I tried to make a connection to myself, and that’s why I added that the worldview fell (because I’m clumsy), the line is, “As it takes a step forward It trips on what appears to be nothing and vanishes before it reaches the ground,” and I added a line about music in the background because music is a part of me.  

The competency I would like to work more on:


I have found communicating is a big goal of mine. I have definitely gotten better at communicating with peers a bit more confidently and offering my ideas, but I’m not that good at asking clear concise questions, to both friends and teachers.

Now lets move on to the subjects…


I should get better at paying attention when the worksheets are being explained since math/science are some of my less favoured ones. My second goal is to improve with my questions when needing support or clarity.

I have definitely made some more progress in paying attention and I have started to take some notes when we are being explained something. Writing notes helps me think through what I am hearing. I think l’ll do much better when I don’t let my mind wander. A strategy I might try is to take a few deep breaths or tell myself to get back on track. Also, I can get better at asking questions because I struggle at phrasing what I need. For example, I am learning to think of and write down my questions before going to tutorials. While I still need to get better at phrasing my questions I am getting there slowly but surely.

If I could go back and change something I did it would be milestone 2. First off, my conclusion for it was not very good because it was not written well and did not show good understanding. It bothers me because I knew it wasn’t good but I went along with it anyway, and I don’t know why I didn’t fix it. One thing that would have helped my conclusion and the overall assignment was if I had communicated with my group better. I would have asked if I could jump in and help more, but because it was a close space to work in when working with the ray box it was tricky for me to move and see what was going on. Then I might have asked more questions to seek understanding during the process. For example, I struggled seeing and understanding the impact that moving the ray box had on the angle of light. If I had understood more than I would have tried to pay attention.


I can become better at summarizing my reflections and stating what I’ve learned.

I have made progress in reflecting yet I am still inconsistent, for example, when writing reflections for the Herzog Project! I found it easy because it was something I enjoyed and I had a good time doing it. I love photography so anytime I get to jump into that, I am excited. As a result I connected to Herzog and had no trouble with reflecting.

In Maker 8 we have done a lot of projects, and ironically the one I am least proud of is the one I did best on. This was the Herzog project, and the reason for this is because I am so used to using a camera that using an iPad felt completely awkward.

I feel like I’ve learned how to use my iPad the most with Maker, since I’ve learned how to use the Apple Pencil, take photos and then edit them, how to create presentations using keynote and more. Maker has helped me understand my iPad and how to use it to its best ability.


I can get better at slimming down my ideas and picking the best ones. Also, I should get better at analyzing concepts.

During the process of creating advertisements for Honey’s Doughnuts I had a hard time figuring out which ad I liked better. It was hard to chose because I liked them all, but I had some help from peers to help me figure out which ideas were best.

Humanities is the subject I am the most comfortable with and have enjoyed the most. I feel happy with all of my work, and the one I’m most proud of is the Medium Is The Message project. That project was about creating an advertisement for a local business. The reason I am proud of it is because I feel like I used the skills I had to the best extent because it was for an actual business it felt like I had a real purpose (even though it wouldn’t go anywhere). As a result, I can see myself going into graphic design of some sort down the road.

Demonstrations of high quality work 

I have decided to show a representation of high quality work in each subject:


For Humanities I chose the Outsiders Project
For Maker I chose The Power Of A Pencil project
For Scimatics I chose the Tectonic Chances project 

The reason I chose these 3 is because they are some of the projects I’ve learned most in. For Scimatics I’m proud of me and my group for collaborating well  and when I think back to the start I remember me and Gwen talking about what to do and I realized we put a lot of work in to it. I’ve never been the best artist and I’m still not but during Carr I had a lot of fun drawing with my Apple Pencil and I have learned different skills I can use in Digital art. The same goes for the outsider project since I used different apps and meshed them all together in Canva with the help of my group. p

The Driving Questions:

“How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year?”

An obvious answer would be learning about how to use all the apps provided by PLP. But a better answer would be that I have gotten more responsible and I feel I am showing my learning in a deeper and more organized way. For example, I am now understanding how to make a stronger blog post. I am taking more time to reflect and explain my reasoning. I spend a lot of time on my homework to make sure I do a good job.

“How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year” 

I found that writing down certain questions I have before going into tutorial for something helps me a lot because then I have good questions to help give me the answer I want. So that is something I could add to my learning plan to help achieve the growth I want. Another one is that taking quick notes when being explained a blog post helps me figure out the way to form my blog post later on, and what information to add.

Habits, Dispositions and Systems 

These are my habits, dispositions, and systems from my learning plan.


I have made many checklists and they have helped me keep track of everything. I have to get better at taking breaks since it will probably help my mind keep on track. I have had no problem pushing aside my biases, and I’m open to collaborating. When it comes to persevering  through my tasks I definitely can do this, however, I realize now that I need to figure out how to be more efficient with my time. I seem to have no problem spending hours on a blog for example, but I can get overwhelmed when I have work for multiple classes due around the same time. Moving forward I need to work on balancing out what I am doing and get better at not taking forever to put what I am thinking into words!

“Perfecting” Poems.

:・゚✧If you couldn’t tell by the title of this blog I’ve done something involving poetry. This something was actually writing a bunch of poems (10?) that express our worldview in a way. We didn’t come into this project knowing nothing about worldview though. Check out the project where we learned about worldview here! The PLP 8 and PLP 9 both did the same project (separately), after writing all our poems we created a E-book and put them all together. Check out my completed E-book here:

The driving question was “How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?”. During this project I have realized that poetry can say a lot about a person, and it can also be about the world around us right now. When hearing everyone’s poems and writing my own I could tell some more about them. As I wrote poems about my worldview I feel like I learned more about how I feel when I was writing the found poem and the worldview poem. Creating poems is a good way to show how you feel and show what makes you who you are.


I’ve learned more about my worldview and I enjoyed picturing my worldview as a person. Even though I didn’t particularly enjoy this project I have definitely learned more poetry terms,  besides learning the same things over and over again. Thanks for reading have a nice day. <3

Learning With Lasers

Welcome back,  today I will be explaining the process of answering the driving question:

“How can we test the pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection?”

First off, what is the pythagorean theorem? The pythagorean theorem is the sum of the legs of a triangle that equal the hypotenuse (the side opposite from the right angle). 

After learning some more about triangles and the law of reflection we learned how we were going to prove it-by creating a laser triangle display! (more about that later). Creating a display all by yourself and doing the math and other things would be a lot of work so we were put into groups. The people in my group were,

Jupiter, Luca, Frankie, Mackenzie, and of course me.

Now onto the big load of work…

To show a bit more of what the display was supposed to be for this project here is ours:

It is basically a cardboard base decorated to a certain theme (your choice), then a triangle gets drawn on and you put a mirror on two corners of the triangle and the laser at the corner with no mirror.

After getting into our groups we had a little bit of awkward silence, but soon after we started working. The first thing we did was find a good pythagorean triple to use to create the triangle. The one we used was: 62 + 82 = 102

Luca drew out the triangle as we all planned out the design and theme, and once we had the triangle down we started creating our design plan. Since we got blue paper to cover the base we decided the theme should be the sky (a group already did the sea). Here is some of the process:

Getting the laser to line up with the mirrors was hard, the goal was to get the laser back to “home base” (back to the laser pointer). To make it easier we had the laser supported in a support actually for the mirror. When we put it in the support we would move it around to try and angle it correctly so it would bounce from mirror to mirror. I found that it worked better when it was being angled a little bit up. The laser was finicky though, if you left it on too long it would burn out. Sadly our laser burnt out quite fast even though we didn’t even use it for that long. 

Finally, after finishing up the board and adding the final decorations we ended up with this:

Then the next day we transferred it over to Mr. Grosses room and added smoke to it. The reason for this is because when the laser’s on you can’t see it very well, but when you add smoke and turn the lights off you’re able to see the beams of light very well. Sadly, our laser died so we didn’t get very many good photos but here are some of the ones we took.

I think that we were able to prove the law of reflection and the pythagorean theorem. Even though our triangle didn’t work well in the dark we did get the light to bounce of all mirrors in the correct angle and direction.

Here is a mind map of some of the things I wondered at the start of the year and then I answered some of my questions and put down some things I learned.

.。.:*☆Answering the core competencies☆*:.。.

1. Questioning and predicting:  Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest

I think I used my class time effectively and I payed attention to what was being explained, questioning myself along the way. For example, I questioned if  using a pythagorean triple would make it easier to create a laser triangle outline. 

2. Communicating and Representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms

I think I did ok in this since I understood the simulators yet I wasn’t the best at using them. But I was helpful when creating the display which was hands-on. 

3. Applying and innovating: Cooperatively design projects

When our laser burnt out we had to disassemble our display. We worked together quickly and got it done fast. We had to do it twice but each time it worked out fine, and our design never got compromised by our misshaps. We listened to each other’s design ideas and I feel each group member’s “voice” was heard when creating it because everyone pitched in. 

Baking Does More Than Just Fill Our Stomachs…

Baking is more than just something that can help stop your hunger cravings, it is a hobby, passion or career that serves more than just filling your belly. Research has shown that baking is good for one’s well-being and it can even help the development of children! The fact it is good for mindfulness is probably one reason why at the start of the pandemic there was a resurgence in the interest of baking, which lead to a shortage in flour! I strongly believe that this renewed interest helped many people, as it gave them a sense of control as the world slowly started crumbling from COVID (bbc.com). In today’s fast paced and pandemic stricken world, baking is a way to bond with your family or others and it can help raise spirits by letting someone be able to focus on one small task and fulfill it to the best of their ability. 

Research shows that baking is a creative process and form of expression! For example, according to smithsonianmag.org It explains how baking or cooking can become a “cure” for stress or feeling blue for people. As the article states, a study has shown small creative tasks each day may make people feel better and which can go a long way to improving their overall well-being. Considering there’s also studies that show dark chocolate can raise feelings of happiness, one might say baking that chocolate cake for no specific reason is not such a bad idea after all ;). Also, while many would caution that baking isn’t a full-on cure for mental illness, it is still something to explore because it could make you feel more relaxed or happier through the day! Even if you mess up your recipe, it’s a great learning experience and will help you perfect the next creation

Also, most people likely remember the stories of the shortage of toilet paper early on in 2020, but there was soon also the shortage of flour. It didn’t take long after people were forced into lockdown that they started to explore old fashioned crafts and activities. This was to fight their boredom and to distract themselves but also it was a welcome break from the huge jump in the time they were spending on their digital devices. Everyone was suddenly finding themselves spending most of their day on-line. It didn’t take long for people, especially families to realize the negative impact from technology and that this was not good for us, especially for the children (social development, attention span, even physical health).

Besides giving yourself a break from the screen, baking can help build stronger connections between loved ones. Who doesn’t remember a fond memory of baking with a parent in the kitchen when they were young and getting to lick the bowl or spoon, or maybe sneaking a few chocolate chips? When we think of holiday time, one of the first things we think of is all the tasty eats we will get to make and enjoy. Culturally, food brings people together such as during festivals, celebrations and reunions.  

Overall, the message here is that baking is very universal and is another outlet to express one’s creativity. People use it to communicate their appreciation, to connect with others and to help themselves escape from their busy day to day lives. It is something that can be as easy or as challenging as one would like, so it is easily customizable and doesn’t require heaps of money to enjoy it to its fullest. In fact, it’s highly likely you have all the ingredients on hand for this easy banana bread recipe:

If you couldn’t read that here is a typed out version:  My Grandpa’s Banana Bread


My Future Cookbook?!

Designing my future cookbook cover…! (Probably will be totally different if I ever make one, but that doesn’t matter)

Want to see how it turned out?? Well, look down below!





Wow, isn’t it lovely? 🥲

This photo happened to be my 57th photo, out of 60 attempts after trying 6 different locations (yea, I decided to count). It is definitely, completely different than my original idea. My first idea seemed like it was going to work perfectly fine… but that didn’t happen:

What I was visualizing:if you couldn’t tell by this masterpiece (drawn on Sketches Pro) I was trying to show the creative process of baking and the ideas coming out of the cookbooks.

What happened:

Next, I tried to focus on a baked good to try and capture the viewer’s attention and maybe make them want to try to bake it or make them hungry. Here are some of my photos during my trial and error: 

As shown in the slideshow I tried many different angles since the lighting in my house was not ideal.

After picking the photos I was possibly going to use I went to Canva. My new plan I had was to try and make it look like a magazine cover. Then, I thought why not a cookbook cover, But I had no clue what to name it. Eventually I ended up with “Simple-icious,” and it took forever to figure out how I should spell it and auto correct was not helping.

I needed to add some more pizazz to my cover so I tried adding “stickers” like the rolling pin and stand mixer. I had originally chosen to put leaves but when I asked for feedback from my dad he said, “What the heck do leaves have to do with baking?”, so I changed them to baking related items, I’m still not sure what I like more though.

After adding text I ended up with that beautiful cover for my cookbook that I will totally make in around 20 years…

Once again thank you for reading!



7 facts you may not know about baking…

Here are seven things you might not know about baking (plus one extra) :D.

First off, let’s start with where baking began…

1. You may think it’s some random person you have never heard of, but actually the Ancient Egyptians were the first to ever bake something. They baked bread using yeast that had previously been used to brew beer.

2. Secondly, the classic chocolate chip cookie was created by a mistake. Ruth Wakefield added broken pieces of chocolate bars to her dough because she thought they would melt. Instead they stayed in their shape and created the iconic cookie.

3. After some research I’ve found that some of the most popular Canadian deserts are…


Nanaimo Bar 

Flapper Pie 

Butter Tart 

Saskatoon Berry Pie 

4. France is known for its baking, and its most famous desert is the crème brûlée.

5. There are some weird cupcake flavours like: banana bacon, rosemary olive oil, chicken and waffle, liquorice, and more.

6. Macarons are the most popular sweet sold in Paris, France. They are often given out as a dinner party gift (I would assume when there was no covid).

7. America’s most popular pie is apple pie and it originated in England in the year 1318. 

Here is an extra fact:

Betty Crocker…

isn’t real :0

It’s crazy that baking has been around for such a long time, and seeing all the baking (also cooking) shows that are now on TV, it seems like it will keep going strong for many more. I hope you have learned something new while reading this. Have a good day!


“A Balanced Diet Is A Cookie In Each Hand” – Barbara Johnson

Here is my very dramatic backstory of how I got into baking.


It all started with cookies and two young children.

My friend and I were visiting Burnaby Village museum, at Christmastime (when we were 10 or 11) , when we went into a 1920’s era house. Inside, a woman was baking ginger sparkle cookies. Obviously, we waited to get some and they tasted delicious and smelled amazing. We were able to get the recipe for the cookies and we (my friend and I) decided to try and make them the very next day.

At first, things were going good but then we learned our first lesson…..always make sure you have all ingredients before starting. When we were partway through we found out we had no ground ginger, but luckily using real ginger worked out just fine. And they looked great! After making 68 cookies (we made them too small) we “fell in love” with baking.

Eventually, after making a lot of cookies I tried scones, muffins, cupcakes and cakes. Soon enough, my mother asked me to slow down or try making something savoury. It was too tempting for her to eat all of my baking. I had no interest in cooking (besides tacos), but I was interested in trying homemade bread. Nothing beats a warm piece of bread fresh out of the oven with melted butter…. (I ate a whole loaf)

My Ode To Bread (haiku form)

Oh so delicious

I would like seven loaves please

Bread is really good

– written by Kira

Super amazing I know

Oh yea here is the recipe if you want to make them:

Anyhoo, enough about that  stuff. Here is what I will be blogging about for the next few weeks


As much as I would love to just blog about food I will be doing it about different baking “categories” so… stay tuned.

Before you go here is one last quote: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake and thats kind of the same thing”- *insert creator*


What Can The Outsiders Teach Us About Worldview?

As per usual I will start with the driving question of the project, “How can the outsiders teach us about worldview?” Before I explain the project here is a quick definition of worldview: A particular view or philosophy about life.

Back to the important stuff, first off we learned about the 7 aspects of world view, such as geography, time, beliefs, society, values, knowledge and economy. At first I never realized all the things that shape our worldview and how hard it is to break it (at least for me its hard).  After learning about worldview we had to write a paragraph about some of the aspects of our worldview and how they make you who you are. I wont add it here but this is the link if you would like to read it: My worldview

One of the hardest things was to create a worldview MindNode of all the aspects of worldview. We brainstormed ideas for each topic and put each different aspect on a a branch. For this I could have improved since I was very vague, I was redoing ideas to make them better but I never ended up finishing my revisions because of other projects. Here is my MindNode:

Of course this project would make no sense without reading the book, we were assigned to read 2 or 3ish chapters before the next class so we could all have talk about questions we have.

After finishing the book we put our knowledge of the characters into one “deck” of characters (some are left out) here is my completed deck if you would like to see: Outsiders Character Deck

Near the end of this my points got a little sloppy so I could improve on that. 

Almost done the things leading up to the end result of all our learning…!

Making the character deck of the people in the book we scratched the surface of each of them. For this assignment we had to use descriptive personality traits to describe one character from the book and then explain help shape their worldview. The person I got was… Dally!

Here is my completed anyalsis: 

Okay now is the time to explain what we ended our learning in (besides this totally amazing blog post). 

In a group we had to create a tableau of one of the main scenes in the book. Before I continue on here is what a Tableau is: a tableau is a group of people or motionless figures representing a scene (it mostly may be from history or a story). Basically no one can move for a small period of time and they stay in position representing a person (or object \_(^~^)_/).

Since you hopefully understand what a tableau is now I will keep on going along what we had to do. The people in my group were Julia, Ruby, Andrew, Francis and myself. We had to Create many things together like movie posters, movie trailers and of course our tableau (all about the outsiders). 

To make our final movie poster we each had to create another movie poster and then decide as a group who’s we would use. We ended up going along with mine but we edited some things to make it the best we could.

When starting the tableau we had to find out what scene we were to re-create. The scene my group got was the burning church scene. We had to brainstorm ideas on a tableau pitch form. Then we sketched our ideas (each sepreattly) for the tableau set as well. Then we brainstormed all together and created a plan. Then we practiced our tableau, in the scene we got some little kids are getting saved from a burning church and Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are saving them. Ruby and I are kids, Julia is Dally, Andrew is Ponyboy and Francis is Johnny. Then after practing our scene we had to create props. 

Oh wait I forgot we had to do another tableau of our scene but modify it to 2021. What my group did after many discussions with our teachers is ditch the burning church and fire and make it a flood instead. So one again I was a little kid, Ruby, Julia, Francis and Andrew were people saving me from the flood to represent saving kids from a burning church. 

After practicing and deciding on props we got to go to the library were we presented our tableau’s. We took a look around and practiced a bit then took a photo of our surroundings. The group member who took the photo was ruby and we used mark up to sketch out where we would place everything and everyone. Here is our completed photo plan:

Finally we set up for the exhibition, my group had a lot to do but we got some help from other classmates which helped a lot. We created fire, a cross and a stained glass window for the church. Throughout the making of our set we documented it in pictures and a time lapse of us setting up sheets to create a more clean background.

This is a time lapse video of setting up

Somethings that we could’ve done better is have a cleaner script because when presenting it, it was messy and our second speaker, Julia, was sick so she couldn’t come. So Andrew our first speaker explaining the burning church had to quickly read over the second part explaining what the second scene about the floods meant (then had to say it in-front of 22 groups of people). So it definitely would have helped if our script was more precise.

To close up this blog post ill explain my answer to the driving question. Again the driving question is “How can the outsiders teach us about worldview?”. After finishing this project we should have been able to answer this question, it took me a little while to think of an answer but here is mine. I think the outsiders teaches us a lot about society since the story is all about the gap between poor and rich people. When looking at the world now I can still see what went on in the book happening currently (slightly different though). People still get bullied or put in bad situations because of their financial issues well the some (not all, most people are very nice) more fortunate people don’t acknowledge that. It shows us that even though we are all different we are all human (hopefully) and each should have our basic rights. Lastly you cant judge someone before hand since as shown when Johnny and Ponyboy run to help kids they are changed from dirty reckless kids to hero’s. That shows that everyone values different things and that can set us apart from what you may look like or stereotypes hold against you.

I think our group did a good job all in all since we had a couple last minute changes that made us have to alter our presentation and we all thought on our feet to make it the best we could.

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if there where anymore people I forgot but thanks :D.

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