Power of a Pencil ✏️


Today I am going to be reflecting and sharing my art that I have completed over this unit 

“The Power of a Pencil”. In this unit our task was that with our IPads and Apple Pencils we would look at different drawing techniques in sketches pro to create different effects. In this unit the driving question was “How can we use our Pencils to Enhance our learning?”

Throughout this project we were able to use a book in iBooks that shows some cool techniques. I will show the book in my slide show at the end

The first assignment that we had was we had to make our name in a creative way I will show you what I made in the end slideshow.

The second task that we were assigned was we had to make a self portrait of ourself. I made this by taking a picture of myself as the first layer and then turning the opacity down. Then I had to trace myself and my different features and then I had to make the skin colour by blending different colours together and then I added some shadows. The picture will be in the end slideshow.

the third drawing that we had to make was a fruit bowl. I really liked this one because I thought it was fun to do the shading and experiment with real life objects. What I found that was tough was to make the colours get darker and get lighter. We made this by taking a picture of the fruit bowl with a light source to bring out the lights and with the lights turned off to bring out the darks.

The 4th and final drawing that we did was make a logo. We first had to fill out a sheet with information like what we were selling and the main colours of the business. I found it fun to make up my own company and then give it a logo. For my company I chose to go with a skateboarding company. I called it skate bird because I thought that it was clever since it was similar to skate board and the catch phrase was if a bird brain can do it you can.

all in all I thought that the project was really fun and was a class to look foreword to. It helped me a lot with drawing with an Apple Pencil and an IPad. If I were to do this project again I wouldn’t change anything I felt that I was proud of my work and that I had learned what I needed to learn.

Here is my slideshow containing all my art work over this unit











One thought on “Power of a Pencil ✏️

  1. Hi Liam,

    I loved learning about the power of a pencil. I have tried drawing on the iPad without too much success. You have made some beautiful artwork and to think it was done with a pencil. Did you find it tough at first or did you just dive right in? I loved your slideshow.

    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Bennett

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