Hey guys I’ve managed to return. This week we’re talking about something pretty important, copyright and images! This is pretty important because as it turns out not all the images on the internet are free! Some of them are protected by a thing called copyright. This essentially makes sure the photo can’t be used by anyone without paying for the photo or asking for permission (if you do use those photos without paying or asking you can actually be sued!). Luckily there are some ways to still get images for your blogs and websites.

This is my Infographic that I made using Canva!

One of the ways it’s to create an image! Personally this is my favourite method for getting images, it’s pretty easy and super fun! My favourite app for this would be sketches pro. It’s a really great drawing app that has so many amazing tools for drawing. It has a boatload of pen and pencil options and you can make any colour you want using the colour mix option. Here’s a photo of a car I drew in sketches pro I used pens and the filler tool to give it the look it has and I’m really proud of it!

Our next task was to create a slideshow of copyright free photos we found on the internet. I made a slideshow of the amazing copyright free climbing photos that I found! The sites I used in particular would be pexels and unsplash. These were the sites that were in the range of my age because pixabay is 16+ and that means I can’t use it! Please enjoy some of the incredible photos that are incredibly free!

For our third task we had to write a poem. I chose to write a haiku. I’ve always really liked haikus and I’ve always thought it’s cool that the lines don’t have to rhyme. I also like the idea of a strict syllable pattern. Unfortunately my haiku is rather gloomy. I’ve not been enjoying the weather lately so I thought I would complain using a poem for a change, I hope you enjoy!

It’s too rainy here,

I wish it would snow instead,

When will winter end…

For our final task we had to create a little puzzle. I’ve chosen some copyright free images that add up to make my favourite activities. When you see the images you can add them up to see my three favourite things to do! (I got all of these images off of unsplash).

Well thanks for coming by my blog today guys, I’ve had quite a lot of fun getting to talk about copyright images and why they’re so important. I definitely hope you guys learned a little something and I guess I’ll see you next week!

Tak zatím ahoj!

(Goodbye for now in Czech)