November 8

Vibrant Video

In this project we learned about making films, setting goals, and learning what we really want. I learned about movies knowledge, history of movies, and storyboards for making them. I also went over shots and angles to consolidate my knowledge. I think my film making skills have become better after learning this project, and I can use it flexibly with other themes. Students will use more videos in their projects as we enter grade 9, and it’s useful to learn them now. The teacher taught me how to set goals. Goals make a clear direction for my behavior, and make me fully understand the purpose of each things. Goals let me know what is most important and help me manage my time. It also makes me stronger and more confident. Therefore, goals can make me a better learner. Knowing what I really want helps me to know more about myself, which can helps me to have a clear goal. Having a goal is very important to me on my way to becoming a learner.

Skill 1: Clips. I tell a visual story in clip about what inspired me. This is the link to my video:

Skill 2: shot and angles. It is bad that I am absent, but I write a story about how I finish my goal.

When I was eight years old, I made a goal in the summer vacation. Which is is to wash my own dishes after eat every day. After make this goalI I really wash my dishes every day. I was a very lazy kid, but it was amazing that I really did it at that time. although sometimes I will go out to play and then not do it, but it is only a small part of the time. I still accomplished my goal.

Skill 3: planning and shooting. It is an tutorial video on how to open a locker. Each clip was shot from a different Angle. I’m a person in the video that trying to learn how to open a locker.

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June 22

Comic Cells

      In the project comic cells, I learned biology, how does cells work and the structure of cells, and how to make comic in the app comic life. 

     Milestone 1: project start mind map. It is a mind map that shows the understanding of cell.

     Milestone 2: disease wanted poster. It is a wanted poster about disease, I choose smallpox.

     Milestone 3: khan cells test. It is a test about cell, I got 96% right.

     Milestone 4: storyboard. It is a outline of the comic story.

     Milestone 5: comic book. It is the final comic of the project, my comic’s name is dangerous smallpox.

June 21


     In the spring exhibition, me and Mackenzie made a presentation about “Constructing Creative Communication”. We did this project in November and December, it is about communicating by taking photos and drawing pictures. We present our works and understanding of the project. We have 6 pages about what we have done in the project, they are perspective, mood, apps, doodling, using colors, and shading. I need to present the perspective, mood, and shading.

     Perspective is a skill which makes drawing more complex and interesting. My drawing is a picture of my school.


     Mood is to express a mood in photos. I took a photo of a chair in the park and tried to express Tense tendu.


     Shading uses different shapes and shadows to make the drawing more realistic. I have drawn two caps with shading skill.


     In conclusion, I think I did a good job of being confident in speaking to the audience. I hope I can do better in the future.

June 20

New Beginnings

     In the unit New Beginnings, I learned about the history of New France and advertising skills, and I made an ad for the fur trade. The driving question is “What did the establishment of New France mean for all people involved?” My answer for the driving question is that the French established fur trade relations with the First Nations. The French got benefit from this, but many First Nations died because of trade with the French (because of disease). This is my answer, because the topic I chose is the fur trade. 

Revised Seycove Ad Challenge:

     It is the first project I did in New Beginning. I didn’t really learn anything about New France in it, but I reviewed the advertising because the final project in New Beginnings is about making an ad for New France. I made an ad about propaganda seycove together with my teammates, we have two drafts of the ad. I write about the many advantages in seycove and the address and contact information of seycove. I don’t have the first one on my iPad, but this is our final draft

Nature Photography Practice:

     I take photographs in the woods for the base of my visuals. I take many pictures, but I think this is the best one.

Learning Reflections

    A reflection of what people have learned in a week, like knowledge about advertising and New France. I have written 3 of them.

Trade Simulation

    The students were divided into three groups: the English group, the French group and two Indian groups. I was in one of the Indian groups. We simulated the new French fur trade and wrote tables about our group. The simulation is really fun, and it is my favorite project in new beginnings.

Visuals pitch

   In the first draft of the visuals, I made two pictures about the fur trade. First is trading, another is after trade.

New Beginnings Two Visuals

It is a thing that explains the evidence of the visuals.

Final images

It is a final draft of the visuals.

In the unit New Beginnings, I learned a lot of knowledge about Canadian history, they will be useful in the future .

May 16

Ultimate Design Challenge

     In this project, I learned the calculation of volume and surface area, and made 3D models with Tinkercad. I think my weakness is that my model is not good, I don’t really know how to make 3D model before, but I used the Tinkercad tutorial so I got it. My strength is that I am good at calculation.

     Milestone 1: Driving Question. The first draft of my driving question is “How can I design a coke can that shows maximum volume?” But I change it to “How can I make a house with maximum volume?”

     Milestone 2: Model and Formulas. I want to make a snowman at first but then I changed my model to a house. I chose the house for my 3D model because it is something I can see every day and it is easy to make.

     Milestone 3: Calculations. I used a calculator to calculate the volume and surface area of my 3D model. What I get is volume is bigger than surface area, I achieve my goal.

     Milestone 5: presentation. In the presentation I showed how I measured and calculated the volume and surface area of my 3D model. I feel more confident than I did in previous presentations.

April 11

DI Post

     Destination Imagination is a hands-on, project-based educational experience that encourages creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. In the DI program, students work in teams to solve challenges and improve creativity. DI challenge helps students understand problems better, ask better questions, come up with solutions, and learn from failure. In the process, children learn important life and career skills — creative thinking, critical thinking, acting and collaborative problem solving — that lay the foundation for their future success. DI allows students to learn and experience the creative process while fostering creativity, curiosity and courage. (Form:

     My group in DI is called The Hazardous Heroes. Our story is about some students that had an accident during their online class, and they created monsters (I played a monster). The students attracted the monster with a toy car and then turned the monsters back into some toys. Our group made several obstacles for the toy cars to pass through. 

     As an artist in our group, I decorated one of the obstacles and drew the team poster with my team. On the obstacles, each student drew their favorite things, some are the sea and seahorses, some are books, and some are games; I drew small animals and nature.

The most important thing I learned in DI was teamwork and communication with my classmates. Creativity and imagination are both important parts of the DI challenge, but I think they are all built on the teamwork and good communication.

     If there is DI challenge next time, I think we can rehearse more. During the performance, our group’s car often fell down from the obstacle, maybe it was the operation problem. If we practice more, this kind of problem will not happen.

I think the best part I did was instant Challenge. We played a story of an Italian restaurant. I was the customer who ordered. I think this is the best instant challenge we’ve ever done, our challenge ended just in time.


My favorite part of the DI challenge is drawing. I love drawing, It makes people feel calm and happy. But the part I didn’t like was looking for the place of the performance, I stumbled into another St. George’s High School, I was there when the show was about to start, I hope when the DI challenge, teachers can give us an exact address next time.


April 8

In this project, I learned chemistry and code games with Scratch. I think my weakness is that I am not familiar with professional vocabulary and I am new to atomic models and I’m not familiar with it, my advantage is that I am good at coding.

     Milestone 1: Project Start Mind Map Copy. Before starting the Project, the teacher asked us to write a Mind Map with our knowledge of chemistry. I wrote about the states and changes of matter. 

     Milestone 2: Atomic Models. Is to take four substances and represent them in different atomic models. I drew atomic models of ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen

     Milestone 3: Atomic Theory Test. I got a score of 28/50 in this test. Although this test will not affect my grade, I am not very satisfied with this score. I will study hard and do better next time. 

     Milestone 4: Programming Plan. My programming plan was to make a little snake and make it eat atom model, and the name of the game was “Catch the Atom Model”, but I didn’t think the game was interesting so I made a new one.


Milestone 5: Scratch Coded Applet. I wrote a game called Atomic Model Jump in Scratch. The rule of the game is not to let the atomic model fall to the ground, and then the atomic model changes state according to the temperature. 

Milestone 6: Project end Mind Map and Blog Post. This is the last milestone where I write a summary and make a mind map of what I’ve learned.

March 31

The Renaissance

The Learning Portfolio Post for The Renaissance: A Change Engine

     In this project we learned the Renaissance, Renaissance is a European ideological and cultural movement that happened between the 14th and 17th. It started in Italy and its causes are still unclear to this day. 

     There are Three famous people in The Renaissance. They are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. They are called The Three Renaissance Outstanding. I chose Da Vinci as the topic of my thesis for three reasons.

     Da Vinci is known as the person who is the best represents the Renaissance. He is not only a painter, but also knows science, architecture, anatomy, weather, geology… Leonardo is the leader of the Ninja Turtles.

The first thing need to hand in Showbie: Beautiful Paragraphs

     Before Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa smiled at the world, medieval painting was mostly strange: a lot of painters painted with no proportion. For example, the eyes of the Virgin Mary in the left picture has drawn on the forehead, the blue creature in the right picture is a dog.

     If you look at Renaissance paintings, the proportions of the human body are more scientific.

This is big change of art, Da Vinci helped a lot, the painter, medical scientist, architectural engineer, poet, inventor and geographer. Everyone knows Leonardo is the person who created the Mona Lisa, he also is the person who carry forward anatomy. (I believe Andreas Vesalius invented anatomy

During the Renaissance, the the human body became a source of inspiration for artists. To show what human bodies really look like, artists were delving them.

     I chose Leonardo for topic, and I should wrote paragraphs about him. So, I wrote Vitruvius Man and the importance of anatomy.

My homework and Mr. Harris’s comments

The second edition

     Second, NAME Chart.

     NAME means Novelty, Applicability, Memory and Effect. I need to answered four question based on the words. They are:  

Novelty, what did people in the past think was important about the person, event or idea? What did this person, event or idea achieve which had not been done before? 

Applicability, In what way can the person, event or idea relate to modern events? In what ways is the person, event or idea similar to contemporary concerns?

Memory, Why has this person, event or idea been discussed since the Renaissance? What single element of this person, event or idea has been the focus of commemorations?

Effect,  In what ways have people been affected by this person, event, or idea? What changed as a direct result of this person, even or idea?

Third, Topic + 3Reasons

     My homework didn’t seem very good, but I fix the mistake in the Final Paragraph. (Is the Final Paragraphs add other papers and fix mistakes? If not, I’ll write a new one.)

Fourth, triptych

     A triptych is a picture divided into three parts. Teacher asked us to put ancient things in the left and right pictures (using SuperimposeX) and modern things in the middle

At last, Final Paragraphs

Add up all the other papers and fix the mistake.

March 4

Loon Lake post

     I learned a lot of knowledge and skills during this field trip, and I had a great time. What I learned is helpful for my future growth as a learner.

     The loon lake’s website

     This is the route from school to Loon Lake, my classmate Mackenzie sit next to me. It took one hour to got there.

When we got to Loon, we started our first activity called Nature Walk, looking for all kinds of things like leaves and branches in the woods.

My favorited photo, the scenery of Loon Lake, peaceful and beautiful

      After the first activity, we got the luggage from a small school bus and found our room. I live in a room with four other classmates.

      For dinner that night, we had lasagna, which Garfield likes. I tried lasagna for the first time (because lasagna is not very popular in the place where I was born).

We have a group called Advisory, my teacher is Mr. Hughes. My group has a name but I forget. In this group activity, the teacher asked us to write letters to each other, the content of the letters is to praise others.

     The next day, breakfast, lunch and dinner were delicious. My favorite activity was to build a tent with branches. Several classmates and I formed a team to build a tent beside a small tree, which could accommodate four people. In the tent activity, our team cooperated well, everyone had their own work, my job was to find and carry wood and decorate the tent.   


The most interesting activity in this field study was archery. I never dared to participate in this kind of game before (because I thought it was dangerous). But this time I bravely participated in the archery game. I was out before the picked up arrow, but I was happy.

After the archery game, there was the laser gun game, in which the students were divided into two groups and shot each other with laser guns. I did not participate because I was tired

In the field study, we also did the DI challenge. My team and I rehearsed a story called Hazardous Heroes. It is about the experimental accident that created several monsters (I played one of them), but the main characters destroyed the monsters.

     This field trip let me to learn knowledge and skills, and it was also the process of my growth as a learner. It was the first time for me to join the travel activity organized by the school. Looking back now, I feel I have grown up a lot. This journey is very valuable.

my book:

February 5

poetry post

Simile poem

A simile poem is a poem that connects two different things that have some common feature. I describe my worldview with simile.

Life is like a house, there is a time to tear it down and a time to build it up.

Life is like a plant, there is a time to sow and a time to gather;

Life is like a war, there is a time to win and a time to lose;

A time to cry and a time to laugh.

A time to love and a time to hate.

There is war and there is peace; 

There is birth and death;


Haiku is a type of short poetry that originated in Japan. Traditional Japanese haiku is made up of three phrases

Spring is here at last 

Buds opening up pinkish 

I got new black shoes

colored carps swim by 

a dim memory in mind 

blossom on the pond

The sad end of Spring

Lingers in the peach blossoms

Your birthday is near 

Found poem

Found poem is a type of poem that is derived from other texts and reconstructed by changing the spacing and lines, or by adding or removing text.

I STEPPED OUT the movie house,

I had things on my mind

Paul Newman and ride home.

I wishing I looked like Paul Newman

He looks tough and I don’t

My looks aren’t bad. 

I have brown hair and green eyes.

I wish they are gray

I hate most guys with green eyes,

I have to be who I am. 

My hair is long  

I am a greaser 

I look better with long hair.

Extended metaphor

A metaphor is a figure of speech that, for rhetorical effect, directly refers to one thing by mentioning another.

The world is a work of art.

The curved moon is a boat.

The round moon is a plate

The summer sun is a fire ball

The white clouds are white marshmallows.

The fallen leaves are dancing butterflies.

Imagery poem

A poem that evokes the five senses to create a set of mental images. Figurative language is used to represent ideas, objects, or actions.

Black clouds covered the sky and the moonlight was weak. 

The north wind drove away the wild geese and brought heavy snow.

The snow on the mountain by the lake seemed to connect with the clouds in the sky

An old man in a raincoat fished alone from his wooden boat on the dark, calm lake.

I turned back from the window. 

In the evening, the house became colder.

I added wood to the dying fire.

A newly cooked dish smelled good. 

The little stove burned red.

The yellow dog barked outside the door.

Some people were going home in the snow

Sound poem

I used all kinds of animal sounds in this poem because I like animals

The farm

Baa baa baa baa baa baa

Moo moo moo moo moo moo 

Quack quack quack quack quack quack


Croak croak croak croak croak croak

Woof woof woof woof woof woof

Meow meow meow meow meow meow

Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck

Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak

Bray bray bray bray bray bray

Experience poem


We have not seen each other for many years. 

It is as warm as spring when we meet.

I am very unhappy

that night I set out,

The clouds covered the moonlight. 

As see me off

Don’t be so sad. 

Life is a hard journey, 

you and I are just passing by. 

Like stay and leave from station to station.

My friend:

We say goodbye to each other 

The boat disappeared to the end of the sky, 

only can see the river running by.

I give my missing mind to the moon, 

Hope it can company you with the wind.

When the grass is green again next year. 

My friend, will you come back?

Personification poem

A worldview personification poem that my team and I created

World view walks in

Beaming with borders

It prances around the room 

Looking at all the different people

It smells like morning air

It listens to the pouring rain

That is falling outside

Self portrait poem

A poem about my worldview 

I want to write a song for myself

Adorn the joys and sorrows of life

In this song

A courage to move forward

A memory that will never die

An experience with a long aftertaste

I want to write a pome for myself

In this poem

The sunlight 

Take me in its arm

And only now

My heart will be so bright

Life is full of ups and downs 

It’s all too common

Step over 

A few low walls 

In front of me

There are many wild flowers