May 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Bamboo Clones Have Taken Over The World🎋

Imagine if clones took over the planet!! Imagine if clones were even real at all?! That would be pretty crazy!  Well I’m here to tell you today, that clones are real, they most likely won’t take over the world, at… Continue Reading →

Oral Storytelling in 60 Seconds!🇨🇦

Welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog, it’s me Jordyn here to tell you about the past unit we have been working on in Humanities class. Da da da!! First things first, do you all know what a heritage… Continue Reading →

Work Place Safety🚧

Did you know that one young worker in BC is injured every hour? Or that one out of every twenty one young workers are injured? Well, neither did I until the last few weeks. Lately, after DI season has ended,… Continue Reading →

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