Maker is a course we take where we learn about things we need to but we don’t learn about them anywhere else

Exhibition Case File🔦

Hello everyone. Something very very serious, something very……. curious, has been going on here for the past few months. Which is why Detective Jordyn, Detective Alex, and Detective Asha are here to investigate the situation And question witnesses. DUN DUN… Continue Reading →

Blue Sky: MyJob Edition🎓

This post is bitter sweet. This is my last post of the whole entire school year. I know pretty crazy right. Hey guys, welcome back to My Dog Ate My Blog and I am here to tell you about my… Continue Reading →

Work Place Safety🚧

Did you know that one young worker in BC is injured every hour? Or that one out of every twenty one young workers are injured? Well, neither did I until the last few weeks. Lately, after DI season has ended,… Continue Reading →

Bye Sea Hippos!

It’s a race, its a chase! Hurry up and feed there face! Who will win, no one knows? Feed those Hungry Hippos!! That song may sound familiar. Maybe you heard it on an advertisement for this world renowned game, Hungry… Continue Reading →


For the past couple months in our Maker classroom at school, coming from my group’s general direction you would have seen and heard a giant egg being drilled together, covered in cardboard, and painted. You would have heard us rehearsing… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action📽

It’s that time of year, well one of the times of year I guess. It’s the end of term one when everything starts wrapping up. Different units from different classes, which means lots of different blog posts. You may remember… Continue Reading →

2.5 Months, 10 Weeks, 70 Days of SBC 2018🏅

*sniffle* It’s the end everybody. We have come to the finish line, the end of a long road where the the trees open up into a clearing. Or that is how it would happen in most stories. Not in mine…. Continue Reading →

Coding WAS not my thing💻

Guess what?! It’s actually the end to last week of the student blogging challenge. Mind.Blown. (Blowing up sound effect) Week 9, it’s a pretty big and important week because you can find this thing in video games, websites, even your… Continue Reading →

It’s The Holiday Season (the Holiday Season) Whoop-Dee-Doo!🎅🏼

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmassssss! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaaayyyyy! Walkin in a winter wonderland! Ahhhhhh I can’t believe there’s only….. one sec… 1,2,3,4,5,6….. 25 DAYS!! I love Christmas for so many different reasons,… Continue Reading →

A Day In The Life of a Boss👨‍💼

(Intense music) We are almost at the finish line, the final challenge, the final level! Now, you may be asking, what final challenge, what final level, well………. IT IS THE END OF THE VIDEO MAKING UNIT!! DA DA DAAAAAA!  … Continue Reading →

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