These are posts about our math and science work

BREAKING NEWS: Bamboo Clones Have Taken Over The World🎋

Imagine if clones took over the planet!! Imagine if clones were even real at all?! That would be pretty crazy!  Well I’m here to tell you today, that clones are real, they most likely won’t take over the world, at… Continue Reading →

So What’s the Matter With the Matter Cycles? 💧

So basically, we are destroying all the matter cycles. Whoops, skipped too far ahead of myself, let me explain what we are actually discussing here today on My Dog Ate My Blog! Recently in Scimatics class, we have been learning… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Ski Fit!!⛷(and polynomials)

It’s almost spring break! But before I head off I wanted to talk to you guys a bout one last thing and that’s the project we just completed in Scimathics class. We have been working a ton on these things… Continue Reading →

Math In Games?? 🎲

Guess what! We just did a math project! The first one of the year actually, we have been learning about….. EXPONENTS!! This is gonna sound crazy but the project we had to do was actually to create a CARD GAME… Continue Reading →

Kind-Of Confusing Chemistry⚗️

So. These past few months of grade 9 have been…… busy. Of course we have done tons of humanities and maker classes and lessons which you have seen in my posts but, what you haven’t heard much about yet is…… Continue Reading →


Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s POL time. EPISODE 2: THE DREADED TPOL!! Now, if you don’t remember my last post on a POL, its called “mPOL” standing for mid-year presentation of learning. But now that it’s the… Continue Reading →

La La La La Light!

Ooooooooommmmmm, oooooooommmmmmmm. Oh hello there, I was just meditating a bit before we get into the latest, the greatest, science post about…. wait for it….. LIGHT!! Oh yes, light! Light is so amazing and I can’t wait to tell you… Continue Reading →

Howdy partners! It’s me Jordyn, back with a very important, very special post about my…. (drumroll)… mPOL!!! An mPOL is a presentation where you stand in front of a teacher or two as well as your parents and talk about… Continue Reading →

Coconuts and Matter🌴

POP QUIZ!!! What are the different stages of matter? How do you get from one to the next? What is matter made of? …. Well, don’t worry if you didn’t know the answer to those questions. Because when I started… Continue Reading →

The Door is a Bore No More!!🚪🎉

  Hello!! It’s me Jordyn, back with another post! This one will be a little bit different than the others, To the Coast, The Art of Advertising, or In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…, its going to be about my… Continue Reading →

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