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Exhibition post

Hello welcome to the page in this post I am going to talk about the exhibition for this exhibition I was put in the individual sports group. My topic was to raise awareness for the mountain bike trails and to… Continue Reading →

PGP Final Project

Through our this year we worked on a outside the time table class called PGP which stands for personal growth plan which from the start I thought was super dumb so I waited till the last minute to complete but… Continue Reading →

WW1 And The Second Battle Of Ypres

The latest project we did in humanities is the World War One project. We worked on this for over a month of classes. We were not working on the main part of the project that whole time we were mostly… Continue Reading →

Chemistry post

For this unit we are doing chemistry when I was going into this I thought big explosions and pouring green liquids into a vile then you would become Spider-Man. But this was boring chemistry like studying atoms and stuff. This… Continue Reading →

Transitional Presentation Of Learning

Hello Welcome to my Tpol/Fpol today I am going to talk about what I have improved on since my Mpol and some things that I could still work on. This presentation will reveal my deepest learning secrets and endeavors? Driving… Continue Reading →

Like Terms

Welcome back today we are going to learn about polynomials, for this project we could make any project that would help us learn about polynomials. So my partner Jordyn and I made our project about skiing and how much it… Continue Reading →

Exponent laws card game

In this project, our task was to put the exponent laws into a card game that our peers could play. The first thing to do if too figure out your theme, so what your card game is about for example… Continue Reading →

Clone Army

This project was all about learning to clone plants so that’s exactly what we did. Once we knew what to do we went out and got some dandelions because apparently they are the easiest to clone. Once we got them… Continue Reading →

Matter Cycles

Hello welcome to the blog In this post I am going to talk about what we are currently learning about in scimatics. In science we were learning about the matter cycles the cycles we focused on were the hydrologic cycle… Continue Reading →

Heritage Minute

Hello, welcome to the blog this post is going to be about the heritage minutes we made if you don’t know what a heritage minute is click this link and check some of their videos out. To start off the… Continue Reading →

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