I loved the exhibition, although there was a lot of stress in the process. The first step of the exhibition was to make an inquiry question on Star wars. The next step was to think of a project you could make related to your question. Once you built your project it was all about the display.

Question making: The first step to making you question was just right as many questions down as you could with out stoping or judging anything you right down. The next step is to making a inquiry question is, improving the questions you wrote down. Marking them closed ended or open ended questions. The third step is to organize your questions into high medium and low importance. The fourth and final step is to take the most important question and answer it.

Project making: The first step to making a project is to investigate, such as researching your question, watching the Star Wars movies, and finding good sources. The next step is to construct, so you will start to build a representation of your project, a digital and a physical project, that will answer your question.


My project: My inquiry question was, How does Star Wars portray the way we see good and evil? So I based my project on the process of Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side. I talked about the first signs of him going to the dark side and then when he went full evil. The only thing I would’ve changed would be to start the project when it was given to me.


The exhibition was a really cool experience, and I’m glad we get to do another one. If I could take anything from this exhibition it would be to not procrastinate.