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January 2018

MPOL – Mid year presentation of learning

  What is an M-pol? An M-pol is a mid year presentation of learning. So basically I reflect on what I have learned from humanities, maker, science and math so far this year( which is a lot! ). Driving question: How… Continue Reading →

Science with Sheloah!!

Science is one of the subjects I look forward to most, we have done a bunch of fun projects this year. The first project we did was on the states of matter. We researched the states of matter and then… Continue Reading →

Math with Mrs.Klausen

Scimatics is exactly what it sounds likes it a mix of math and science, with one of the best teachers ever. MRS.KLAUSEN!!! We started the year off with the Pythagorean theorem which is the square of the length of the… Continue Reading →

Worldview and religion

What is a worldview? A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. The unit we did was on the Worldviews of different religions, the religion my group picked was Buddhism. The Buddhist follow the eight fold path is… Continue Reading →

Star Wars mini exhibition

I loved the exhibition, although there was a lot of stress in the process. The first step of the exhibition was to make an inquiry question on Star wars. The next step was to think of a project you could make… Continue Reading →

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