Through our this year we worked on a outside the time table class called PGP which stands for personal growth plan which from the start I thought was super dumb so I waited till the last minute to complete but all that aside this is what we did.


The first thing we were tasked with was a book called what do you really want which is all about goals and stuff so throughout that book we did little activity’s about goals and stuff about the process of goal making which was actually not too bad.


The next book we worked on was the 7 habits of highly affective teens or something like that this is where it went bad we were too complete four massive workbooks while reading the book this I where I let the ball drop I was just in shock because we had this plus all of our work from our normal classs so I just gave in but then I finished it and we all good now.

The final project:

To finish it off we were to create a final project based on something we learned from the year so I did mine on paradigms which is sick you can learn all about them when you watch my video. Thanks for reading have a good day/night.