Running a remake

For this blog post I’m going to talking about a project we did recently which was called running a remake. For this project we had to take a video called run and make a carbon copy of it. The first the thing that happened in this project was our teacher sat us in front of the projector screen and played a video which was the video we would end up having to make a copy of. After that we were assigned our groups mine was me Anders and Ciara. After getting our groups we had to start on a screen play which we finished pretty fast after that is was onto our storyboard and call sheet I was in charge of the call sheet and Anders and Ciara were doing the storyboard until later on when Ciara swapped roles within me. Overall all of that stuff went well but now it was time to film.

when we started filming there were a few key things we forgot about which was the fact that we didn’t think about the think all of the props they used in the video for example the guy in the video was wearing a tuque and wearing a pair of headphones which in he first draft of our video we did not include other than that and the fact that we forgot to film a few scenes the filming of our first video was pretty good.

The editing on the other hand was not the best some scenes were a little off and the music wasn’t lined up the best that being said I don’t think it was the worst it could have been no. After editing we got marked we got an emerging then it was time for peer critique where we got some good suggestions for example they talked about how our video was too long which was true.

now that we had some things to work on it was time to do our final draft and that meant re filming our entire video which was a little bit annoying but was necessary. Our re filming went pretty well except for when we were filming the final jumps are and we realized that we needed three people two to be in the scene and one two film but we only had two so what we ended up having to do was prop my phone up on a branch of a tree in order to film also it didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing the right colour. Other than that our second time filming was definitely better than the first.

now that our second filming was done it was time for editing 2.0 one thing that was better about editing this time was that I wasn’t doing it myself I was being helped by anders which helped a lot and I think the video looks a lot better because of it.

In conclusion I think this was a fun project although I would have enjoyed it a lot more if instead of making a carbon copy we tried to improve the video because there were some ways in my opinion it could have been made better.

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