Weekly Reflection V2.2

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today we are doing weekly Reflection part 2 of of the second project. Very complicated and I know. This week was the first full week of the project and it was a very fun and interesting week. Technically we were only in class three time because of the quarter system but it still felt like a full week. This is the week where the project really kicked off. Milestones two and 3 were completed along with multiple stepping stones. So now that you know what happened let’s get into something that I found interesting.

One point in class that I found that something was different or interesting was the WW2 terms. This was some work that I was proud of as well. We got in groups in class chose 4 terms each and we got to work researching them for 15 to 20 minutes. I felt that I really did a good job finding clear and concise definitions for my group. When we shared the Terms I felt the group worked well together and told what each term meant or who they were.

well that is all the time I got for this post. See you next time.

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