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Hi guys for this blog post I will be talking about something I did just before winter break called the PLP winter exhibition where we presented a poster about a religion we were given but before I talk about that I have to go back to the start of the project.

There were some things that we did before what I’m about to talk about but since I already covered those in a different blog post here is a link.

So after we did are explain everything’s we started to work on something called a religious worldview photo documentary for that we had to go on two field trips where we visited multiple Different religious places of worship, for example, we went to a Buddhist temple  where we learned more about the Buddhist religion. During these visits, we took tons of photos of our visits to put in the photo documentary.

After all of these field trips we started on our photo documentaries, first we sorted through all of our photos and put them together for the first draft of our photo documentary. After we handed in the first draft of are photo documentary we got some feedback and started working on my second draft some of the feedback I got on my first draft was that I needed to take out the music and change some of the transitions so nobody got offended.

After I finished all of those changes I handed in my second draft. After that we got some more feed back some of the things I ended up having to change is I had to change some photos add some new titles I also had to take a few new photos but sadly I ran out of time to do that and by that I mean take new photos.

By the time we finished are third draft we had started are main thing for the winter exhibition are winter exhibition poster for that what we had to do was we were put in groups and given an religion to make a poster about that poster had to display there seven aspects of world view.

Are first draft wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worstThen we made are second draft where we changed a few things  like we added a a guy in the middle and a few things on the side one issue the guy looked super creepy because the person in a re group drew him very creepy  any way for are third draft what we changed is we redrew the priest  we also added some titles to the facts and other things we had around the side of the priest.

After that we made are final draft we switched out the priest for a silent of jesus we also changed the background color. Now we were finally done are poster and it was time to prepare for the winter exhibition the first thing we had to was make snacks for around 100 people so we made hot cross cookies I made half and the other half was made by someone in my group named felix (his blog link here) after all of that it was finally the day of the winter exhibition.

we set up are stand and the night started it was very fun I really enjoyed it  and I cant wait till the next time we do one we got tons of nice people who came to are stand who asked great questions overall   My favorite part was the grade 11 classes project on the 1950s which was an interactive walkthrough.

After all of that we cleaned up and the night was over. Overall I think this experience was super-fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

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