Hello, this might be interesting to some of you and might not be interesting to some of you so be prepared. As you can see by my title, it says mPOL. It means mid-term Presentation of Learning. So in this blog post, you will know what I learned in term one. Ohhhhh boy. Here it goes.

Let’s start with my first ever blog post. The Advertising blog post. In the Advertising blog post, it includes all of my drafts of ads we did. We had to interview a business in Deep Cove and a business in Oregon. After interviewing them, we made advertisements for their business. We learned about the colours and how different colour can attract different people. Obviously, you can find a lot more info on my actual blog post.

Moving onto my second blog post, it was our trip to Oregon. It is a short blog post because most of the information is in a book my class had to do while we were in Oregon. Make sure to check that blog post as well.

Onto my third blog post, it is my Growth Mindset blog post. The one blog post that I thought I did well on. In my Growth Mindset Post, I learned what a growth mindset is and what a fixed mindset is. A Growth Mindset is when you are willing to take on new challenges and a fixed mindset is when you think you’re good at it already and don’t want to improve anymore. Go check out my Growth Mindset blog post too.

We are almost finished but we are not finished yet. Onto my next blog post, my Star Wars exhibition blog post. This is a very long blog post so I will briefly explain it here. Remember, you can always go to the actual blog post. The Star Wars exhibition is our winter exhibition. We had to come up with a inquiry question and answer it based on our own research. My question is “When humans finish making Droids with A.I, where would they help the most?” Well guess what. I don’t exactly want to spoil the answer in this blog post so I quess your gonna have to go to my other blog post. Also, we had to wear cool costumes and decorate our room. We decided to make our room look like a rebel base for 2/3 of the room and Hoth(Planet in Star Wars) for 1/3 of the room.

Ok, only two more to go. The next blog post, another one that I’m proud of. We made a infographic about our religion. And guess what the infographic is about? It’s about a Islam’s Worldview. We were separated into groups and each group was assigned a religion. We had to make a infographic about our religion and on the infographic, it had to include information about the religion’s worldview. My class learned what a infographic is and how to format the infographic. If you want to see my groups’ final draft, go to my Worldview blog post. Before all of that, we made a video about our own worldview. The video is also on my Worldview blog post.

Finally, almost over. My Science blog post. We didn’t do much in science so I only have this blog post. It’s extremely short so it’ll only take around 5-10 minutes for you to read it. The science blog post is about Matter! All we had to do is make a video showing how Matter transforms. And also, everything is made out of matter.

We didn’t really do anything in math other than that annoying door thing that you don’t know about so I’m gonna explain to you. We were again, seperated into groups. Ms. Klausen(our science and math teacher) divided the door into sections. Each group had to increase the size of their section by five. We had to build shapes to increase the size.

Now onto the final thing. How can I improve as a learner? How can I improve as a learner even though I don’t have the same amount of time as others? How can I improve as a learner without spending a lot of time on my device? How can I improve as a learner in real life situations? How can I do quality work with limited time? These questions all of you can help. Anyways, I try to keep my blog post as short as possible while having all of the information that is needed. So yeah, this is mPOL.