What did sports look like in WW2??

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog and today we toast our last project of the school year. It’s been crazy how this school year has been I remember at the start of the year I didn’t think I would make it but here I am. Well lets get into the project this project is all about the 1950s. We learned a lot about the 1950s and I found it quite fascinating. Well my podcast has been about sports and if you don’t know what I am talking about then this year we have been focusing on making podcasts and mine is called everything sports make sure to check it out on all major streaming services. But the first thing I wanna talk about it the making of my podcast I talked all about sports after WW2 and have a great interview with Robin Russell, but from here let’s just listen to my podcast.

Now I wanna talk the next thing we did that was the our answer to how Canadian life has developed after WW2  these are the 3 main topics I think developed Canadian life after WW2 the baby boom, increase of jobs and workers rights and voting rights and the bill of rights. Now I want to talk the core Competencies of the project and when you listen I think I really talked about Continuity and change really well connecting sports and the 1950s and what has stayed the same and changed. For. Speak listen and write I think I am really proud of the presentations I did this project I think speaking in crowds for me is easy. Anyways guys thanks for coming another year of the school year and will see you guys next year for grade 11!

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