First project


 Driving question 

What fraction of you time is screen time?

After  using Numbers and recordings my screen time I discovered that on average I spent 17.9 hours per day .

Curricular competencies 

Self care/ community 

how much time is healthy pre day?

Well no screen time is the best but it can be a for kids under 2 and 21 hour 12 up to death  2 hour  but if you used is for work school and more then maybe pushing the 2-1 hour limits .

Visualize math concepts 

We made a spreadsheet as you see about what fraction of are time is on a screen  And let’s just say you would need to times 5×11  to get to how much time I spent on my  on my phone alone.

Applying- innovating 

I used my time to add to my project and fix it if or what need fixing .I never really had to do stuff at home so the my class time was really important and LAC help with getting my work done.

Evidence of my learning 

Learning how to make charts using       

Numbers help me started up my project. With the pie charts and how to make the numbers add up all by themselves and that help me to get to my screen time for the week.

The presentation and quizzes help me to grow and 

Learned how to get the right fraction of my time on a screen .By doing the millstone/ quizzes it help make the project easy and funny because i got what was going on in my numbers charts.


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  1. I should do this project for myself! I do use screens a lot, but I agree with your findings! People who work with screens definitely break the recommended 2 hour limit!

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