Correlation vs causation

Planning and conducting:

For the planning stages I started off with a MindNode and figuring out my survey questions the hardest part of planning my survey questions was Finding a correlation question but also having the correlations matched my topic like I chose like a pet related survey so I had a lot of  questions about what your pet years what kind of pets do you want I’ll show the questions below.

 Communicating and Representing: 

For the communicating and representing core competency we did have to present our correlation versus causation at the end of the project and just going around and asking people to do our surveys I feel like it’s a huge part of that as well this part I really enjoy because I got to go to do other peoples surveys I thought that was really cool to see what everyone else did and then I got to add onto my survey and then presenting not my favourite thing but it did help add more sense to my project I feel . I will show my data from the survey questions being answered below.


Applying and Innovating:

For applying I would say applying like the respect into my questions like you can’t ask two personal questions or two straightforward questions about peoples life.  For innovating I did have to make a couple changes on my questions I got rid of a few that might have had a less income or just plain the unneeded in my survey

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