My. User manual

My User Manual: Jocelyn   

Brand : PLP student                      

Model: iOS 12

Getting started

if you have  opinion I will listen to but not hide if I think it’s wrong .I will try to ignore you off you like cats more then dog’s .I do enjoy talking about animals and can talk about animals for hours off ends .


Jocelyn is animal lover , a stubborn person, normal person 

Setting 1. Animal lover

When Jocelyn is in animal lover she has one thing on her mind is the animal is the animal is in his or her best life or moment of its life .or when I’m defending animal from a BIG douche 

Setting 2. Stubborn person 

Jocelyn when she in her stubborn she now to not care much for but what’s on her mind .

Stubborn Jocelyn comes out what she in animal lover or school or on her family or about her family.

Setting 3. Normal person

Jocelyn in normal person mode is  in the clearest mind set it can happen in Clearwater or before . Normal person mode has more common sense .