WW1 Comic

 Has you see above we did a comic about ww1 every one had a different topic mine was Canadas 100 day long story short Canadians spend 3 months pushing Germany army all the way up to Belgium with multiple battles on the way. My idea for my comic was that a little boy named marco was 10 years old when he first saw Canada 100 day in a newspaper he ran to show his grandpa who would end up reading to the whole town on the 40th anniversary of Canadas 100 days then when the 80th anniversary came the little boy was a father and was ready to tell his kids his grandpas story and read the newspaper. I learned a lot in this project about ww1 and Canada 100 day would I have done a couple things different but for the most part I really liked this project I think I my favourite thing was in the beginning we had to write a paragraph about who we think started the war . Thing I think I could have done better was my drawings I have never been an artist and my hand in time .

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