Revolution on trial

Biggest goal reached during this project
My biggest goal during this project was to get over my fear of public speaking, to memorize my lines and have mostly correct Information

The most difficult part of this project
The most difficult part of this project for me was probably not messing up like in the sense of I get up to the podium and I like to forget a line in one of our rehearsals I had a little slip up with a bad word and I was hoping that that wouldn’t happen and it didn’t but it was the most difficult part for me to not do is slip up I’m just glad it didn’t happen

The funnest part of this project
The funniest part of this project was working with my group we all had very different points of view and suggestions so trying to fit them all in together wasn’t exactly easy but then it came together at the end and I am glad we had different points of view and thoughts than getting to watch a couple of other people perform see all the work that they came up with all their acting skills.

Something i learned
That not all revolutions will have the outcome that is wanted and most of the time needed and that there are so many reasons why a revolution will start and I think it’s extremely cool to learn all the different stages such as the crisis stage the war and peace stage was one of my favourites the military victory stage there’s a bunch of cool different stages but knowing that even if you fall every single one of them your revolution mainly matters on the people your surround with strong voices strong people, people they want the same as you people that know that this is what’s needed for them and their group to succeed

Something I’m proud of
I’m proud that my whole group got through our revelation trial with pretty much zero hangups everyone knew what they were there to do knew how to do it and did it.

Something I didn’t like about this project
Something I didn’t like was again probably the public speaking part
not because I’m not confident in my words just because messing up would’ve been a big deal for my group and my team so I think I don’t like the pressure but the pressure is also good sometimes so I think I didn’t like the fact that I could mess this up for my group.


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