European settlement infrgraphic

Millstone 3

was all about the facts and graphics. We started off with making a blue pint of what we wanted  ⬇️

The  Task
Using Canva, create the initial BluePrint of your infographic. This BluePrint should include the following things:
• 1 Fact about First Nations people + Graphic to Support
• 1 Fact about the British settlers during European Exploration + Graphic to Support
• 1 Fact about the French during European Exploration + Graphic to Support
• 1 Statement about Continuity and Change from New France to today + Graphic to Support
• Thesis Statement
• Author Names


Sources: ms. Maxwell

Millstone 4

was all about are infographic where each group got colours and aesthetic

The Task
After receiving feedback on your 3 facts and graphics, continue to add to your final infographic with additional graphics and statements. Submit this infographic via Showbie as a PDF.

Sources: Ms. Maxwell

Millstone 5

was all about presenting and reflecting on the all the work for millstone 3 and 4 .

The Task
Post your infographic up in the school! Accompany your infographic with a short Keynote Magic Moves Video with audio.

sources : ms. Maxwell


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