Day 9 of blogging change

Bonjour! For today I’m going to be talking about a Holliday my family celebrations which is April  1 also now as April fools but it’s also my dog’s birthday. On April 1 2021 my dog will be 6 years old and ever since we have had my dog we make a cake made form all her favourite treats like

 fish, sweet potatoes ,beef, yogurt, ice cubes and really cold water. We have had my dog for 5 years and we have celebrated 4 of her birthday days we have missed one because my dog favourite thing in the world is her family so we all need to be there for her. My dogs name stands for Mexican because she was found in Mexico in a trash can with her 7 siblings  and mom but sadly only 2 survived .my dogs brother who got adopted by a family in Mexico and he looks like my dog but white with brown eyes and she is black and has blue eyes they are both big dogs. She get her blue eyes form the Husky and her body shape from the Rottweiler and her sass for Chihuahua and her need for huge and kisses form the Great Dane.what do you do for your pets birthday days.


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