Ultimate Design Challenge


Reasoning and Analyzing

I showed this skill in millstone 5 when I analyzed all mine calculations and formulas before mine presentation and my reasoning was because i was scared that i have missed a step on or got a number wrong. In my opinion analyzing and reasoning  was the hardest part because i was trying to getting this project over with it with it so  i had to keep remembering myself to analyze and see if there is reasoning be hide it.

    Communicating and Representing

This Curricular Competencies you only really show with millstone 5 or on the planing stage which was millstone 1 where my group and I chose what we want to 3D print, this is how mine came out  and here’s how it was supposed to came out looking . Millstone 1 is where me and my group picked to do European artifacts such has the London Bridge and The Big Ben. Millstone 5 was where we presented what we have made that includes formulas the online 3D model and calculations.

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