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Hey everyone long time no see for my summative project reflection blog post I will be an answering the driving the questions with the best of my abilities. The driving question 

How do people and the environment affect each other when I first saw this driving question my mind automatically went to animals which leads us to the mile stone where we wrote a letter about a topic and we feel extremely intensely about to a person that was able to make a change that was needed . My letter went to John Horgan it was about animal waste management and treatment towards livestock my letter included numbers facts and also a small part of a solution to a much bigger problem although I personally feel that I could’ve done a lot better on my solution this was a hard topic to talk about because there’s not many  reliable sources for this letter I think I did at least four drafts until I got to my perfect letter which I sent out about I sent out 2 weeks ago I will include a picture of my first two drafts one  closer to the beginning and one closer to the end below.


For these letters my goal was to get my point across as clearly as possible but also making it simple and easy enough where would be possible to make a change. One of the things that really helped me finish my letter was an assignment we had to do where we write like a poem or paragraphs using an outline which I didn’t complete But the part where you had to make a poem or paragraph I did complete I made a pair a poem called how which I will include a photo to below.

When writing How I took my inspiration from a poem called song for the turtles in the golf written by Linda Horgan in 2014 .

finished letter

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