Atoms/ matter States

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When we started millstone 1 though 5 we did a mind note where we put all our questions and what we already knew. I show solutions by taking my questions Answering them then add them to a digital website when i made a atoms/States of matter simulator using  Scratch  

Starting one 

Finished one 


One of my favourite millstone was

Milestone 2: Atomic Models

I  feel I learned the most for this millstone 2 because it showed different was we studied atoms/ matter and we got to pick a element to draw 4 different model of the the element of your choosing . I picked iodine and drew these models after drawing those  models we imported them in to Scratch the has the easiest part in my opinion .

this project was a good learning experience i got to try Coding for the first time It was really hard at first and I’m still learning but was really fun to try maybe wouldn’t do it again but i did Create and amazing project about the Atom  and matter states .

One of my first steps was the programming plan where in bullet points i put stuff i want to add or try to fit into my simulator which help me plan how i want it to look behave to temperature My second step was Trying different coding for what I wanted to add there was a lot of experimenting and fails But my programming plan help keep my ideas Reasonable to my coding skills . Step three Adding in everything to one working piece of coding definitely the hardest part Because once  i got on thing to work the one that was fine would be broken then tried fixing that Another problem with pop up.

Unfortunately due to some technical problems I can actually show you the project I made but here’s a screenshot of what everything looks like.

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