Case for nation

Everybody long time no read/write. Today I’m here at talking about One of our projects this semester called case for nation Where were you were assigned to make three images based on our topic my topic was the red river resistance I will insert the first picture and then tell you a little bit about it. I toast to draw a river like water stream in red to represent the red river resistance then I put a quote by Albert Einstein reads “nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles Of mankind “ For me this quote means a lot of different things but one of the big ideas was that nationalism can be great but also can take over a human being and make his mindset turn dark where are the believes of the three Gs gold ,glory and God With that the three Gs the gold represents their land the glory represents the title they have with that land got it With that the three gees the gold represents their land the glory represents the title they have with that land  God in this instance was just needed to be called the three gees but could also be renamed as geographical.

This one I felt like the frame was showing how people idolized trade and different parts of the world in this picture there is trains trucks boats airplanes all delivering different merchandisers then the red circle shows in the middle of everything the battles in the suffering from the red river resistance one fun fact about the red river resistance that I felt really stuck with me was it was a crime to kill indigenous people for no reason and that’s the only time they would come across the first nations or indigenous was for trade which I thought was good for that period of time.

This one really made me think about the pain that came with all the bottles from red river resistance and the betrayal this quote  reads “we must embrace pain and burning as fuel for a journeys“ by kenij miyazawa I felt like the woman on the horse really showed parts of me in this picture and also add it onto my opinion or my thoughts on the red river resistance.

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