Hola so today I’m talking about rodeo.What is rodeo well the name rodeo originates form Spanish verb rodear. The first official Canadian rodeo was in September 2 1912 with the events most likely being roping, bulldogging, branding, saddle bronx ( bareback bronx) and bull riding.One of my favourite events are roping and bronx. My favourite bronx rider is Jess Lockwood and my favourite roper is Joe Beaver. Jess Lockwood started bull riding in 8th grade 

He was in the Northern Rodeo Association year-end champion in 2014 and in 2015 he was make $60,00 just in his junior year of high school with him enjoy what he was doing and making that much money he finished Senior year online. Joe Beaver he also started his rodeo career pretty early at age 13 but found his love for roping at age 5 roping goat form the back of Shetland pony in his family practice pen and just at 20 he was crowned the Calf Roping Rookie of the year.On August  24 2011 in Huntsville, Texas Joe Beaver son Joseph Broderick Beaver died of self- influence gunshot wound he would be 30 this year on November 20 .what’s a rodeo like well it most likely different now with Covid 19  but without Covid i can bouchée for how fun a rodeo can be and if you go to a local rodeo you can really tell that a rodeo can bing a community to getter with face painting ,pony rides, rodeo clowns and some times you can buy and sell horses but the best part is when all the young great ropers or riders come out to try and try again.

See you latter

Jess Lockwood 

Joe Beaver


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