Welcome back for another post on my third exhibition in my life of PLP. Though I was not here for the exhibition it self, I was here for the whole process of the the project my group was presenting.

The theme of this years exhibition was immersive experience, in preparation for this we went to something called and escape room. If you dont know what an escape room is then let me explain, it a room that demonstrates a theme and a storyline kind of and through out the room there is a goal of some sort that you have to achieve by finding clues and cracking the code. Not to mention sometimes there’s murders running around and you only have a limited amount of time.

After that experience we had good ideas and high thoughts for the exhibition. We got back and we got right to it.

At first there were groups of two or three, so my group was Sam, Caleb, and me and then later in the project we joined another group which was Lucy and Amelia. This was an intresring twist because we had two different stories going in to it and we had to combine them to make the story.

The story we came up with was based at a gala so we made some little flyers and stuff that said the periodic gala.

Since I did not attend the exhibition I will talk about what I did when I was absent. I was in Maui, cliff jumping when my group was presenting the project I think I was probably having more fun. There is not really to much to talk about what I was doing so thanks for reading.