Chemistry Coding reflection

For the project the class just finished was a game or matter simulator in Scratch.

Scratch is basically a coding software on the web that is kind of  difficult to use when I started using it but I eventually got used to it.

My game that I did was either a solo pong or a brick breaker game where the point of the game would be to keep the atoms from touching the ground. Even though it is a super simple game, it is difficult to get a score of over 20 points. I could’ve made some changes but I think I did the best I could.


 • Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest

I showed this by having an interest in working on the game and finding more efficient ways of making my game. I also did this by deciding how to make my game more focused on atoms and molecules than just of pong.

• Communicating: Communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems, using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies

I showed this competency by finding ways to make my game better and by working out problems that happen during the game. Secondly I had to find a way to pause and make the atoms speed up and slow down. I eventually figured out how to fix these problems and it was fun too as well.

Some of the milestones leading up to the game:

Milestone 1:

We created a mind map on what we knew and what we wanted to know about the behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory. I am interested that I had so many questions and things I already knew because and I am looking forward to answering all my questions about it.

(Sorry for my bad handwriting)

Gemstone project:

For this stepping stone we measured gemstones to roughly figure out what type of gemstone they were. What we found investing was that even though the gemstones were different sizes and weights, when we tested them in test tubes the water reacted the same to them.


For this we had 4 different worksheets that we had to do about atoms and molecules. They were mostly about who discovered a certain atom or showing us what each atom looks like. Even though I don’t like them, I still learned a bit of useful things.

Overall I think that this project was pretty fun and I enjoyed experimenting what I could make in scratch.