Growth mindset

Before spring break we were focusing on growth mindset based projects. The first thing we did was learn about growth mindset and fixed mindset.

We also completed a sheet that shows what mindset we have. One thing that interested me was that I didn’t get as high of a score as I thought I would. A high score would have meant that I had a growth mindset, so I must have a mostly fixed mindset.  Based on what we have learned about growth mindset, I want to practice to improve my skills.  I will try to not give up as easily, and I will try as hard as I can on projects.  I hope I am already getting better at this.

One place where I had to practice this skill is our last project.  The last project that we had to do was a pick long term goal, do a graphic, and write a blog post about it. I made my goal really simple, and put it in simple font on a black and white selfie.

I chose to make “I will make decisions faster” as my goal because I feel like I am stalling at making decisions and taking too much time to do schoolwork for example, this blog post. I have learned that when I make a simple decision and get started, things usually go better and faster than they would have if I didn’t at least try.

I feel like this project benefited me because it has helped me find out what I need to improve on. Each time I make a decision I get better and faster and more confident.  This works on lots of things both in and out of school.

Thank you and have a good afternoon

Blogging challenge day 10


For this blog post we were supposed to create a blog about anything we wanted. I chose to make my post about one of my favourite planes – the Antonov 224 Myra.

I chose this plane because it is very unique – it is the heaviest plane in the world.

One fun thing I learned about this plane is that there is only one of it and it was originally supposed to be used to fly a spaceship up to 30,000 feet and have the spaceship take off of it. This would save costs when compared from launching a spaceship from the ground.

The plane also costs $200,000,000 to make, which really surprised me.

Something else that is really interesting is that it is so big, the Wright brothers could have made their first flight inside of its cargo bay.

The plane was made in the USSR.  It was completed during the time where the USSR was dissolving, which is why there was never a second Antonov 224.

If you really want to see the plane up close, you can rent it for only $30,000 an hour.

If I didn’t describe it well, enough here is a video that explains it better:

Thanks for reading this blog because it definitely has been my favourite to make!

Blog challenge day 9



For this blog post we were supposed to do two topics about holidays. The two topics that I decided on were a celebration that is unique to my family, and my favourite celebration.

The unique celebration that my family has is that for my parents birthdays we have a birth week. We give them a present a day for a week before their birthday. My dad started the tradition with my mom just after they met and have been doing it for 30 years now. They are usually gifts that mean something to the other person or the entire family. For example, we once got my dad a yodelling

My favourite celebration is Christmas because it is when we all spend time together and people give special presents to each other. Every year we get together with family from across Canada. This year we had to get together with our relatives over Zoom, because nobody could fly. It was still very fun because we could talk to everyone at the same time.

This picture shows our Christmas Eve meal this year – we picked these because they are all of my family’s favourite foods. We also got KFC delivered. It is probably the most memorable Christmas yet!

Thank you for reading my post blog and  have a good night!