Metaphor machines

For this project my group and I completed a Rube Goldberg machine. I liked it because I got to help design a type of machine I liked. I think my team did well because we worked efficiently and completed the project relatively quickly. 

Questioning and Predicting: We completed our project effectively and were interested in what we were working on. We also came up with ideas and used all of our team to complete the project.

Reasoning and Analyzing: We made complete sure that we made all of the correct measurements. We also made sure that our final product had the same measurements as it did in the rough draft.

Planning and conducting: in the final product we used multiple planks of wood, a switch, and a light bulb with wires.

Scientific Communication: We used our project to show a metaphor about a solution and it worked out great because we used it well and we were proud of what we did.

Overall I think I could have done more to help but, it worked out very well in the end.

DI reflection

As a reflection of DI I think my group and I did well at completing it. We did well, but I think we could have been better. The main challenge went well because our performance was funny but it didn’t take up all of the required time. We worked well as a team because we almost always had something to do. The team did a very good job working on everything. Overall I believe that DI was really good but if it was my choice I wouldn’t want to do Dl.

Here is my presentation